Saturday, June 21, 2008

This could be my new home

This could possibly be the new home of the World of Warcraft blog Larísa's Corner.

I'm checking it out to see if it's worth all the work to make a transfer.

If you want to read the latest postings of Larísa, go to my current location:

See you there!



Tård said...

"The Pink Pigtail Inn" - sounds gnomish, heh? :D

The word verification is much easier here...

Ghostboci said...

Yes, this site looks nice. Those goldsell ads were really annoying.

Saresa said...

im not sure if Blogger has it, but I am pretty sure on Wordpress there is an easy import option. Might be worth looking into.

Looks great though!

Larísa said...

Thank you for your support!

I just checked out the import option with Wordpress. Unfortunately there seem not to be any support for importing the blog from my unknown Swedish provider... It would have been just lovely

Anonymous said...

It's ok, the ads never bothered me since I have Adblock and Noscript, but if the 'New' people like it, go for it.

Flawlless said...

Yeah, that was me, My Noscript made me not choose a nickname :)

Captain The First said...

Honestly I wouldn't import all your old posts. Generally you can still link to them quite well and it's nice to have a clean start. So unless you intend to delete your old blog you might as well leave things for what they are and simply continue here.

Larísa said...

I think I'll go for it.

But I WILL transfer my old posts actually. After all the work I've put into translating them from Swedish I couldn't stand the thought of just leaving them on a deserted blog.

Until I've transfered all of them my old address remains my offical blog. But I'll doublepost all new posts here as well... And then I'll tell the world when I'm done and this is the new home of Larísa.

I'll let you know when it's official.