Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm moving into this place

As you may have noticed by now, I've decided to move my blog into this place. I'm still in the process of transfering the old postings, which will take a while. Until that grind is completed I'll post double - here as well as at my old blog Larísa's Corner . When the transfer is done I'll put a STOP ad on my old site and just let it stay deserted, the way it is, so links to it won't end up in an error message.

There still are a few ajustments which need to be done to my new home. Like finding a way to make the frame of the header invisible. If you have suggestions and hints about how I could improve the blog, please tell me! I'm still a blog newbie.

Anyway: if you want to follow the future ramblings of Larísa, you can as well change your bookmarks or blogroll right away.

This place reflects more of my picture of what this blog should be like. Thank you to Gurraberra for helping me creating a header. And thank you Zakesh for naming my pub: The Pink Pigtail Inn.

The blog has sort of a double name nowadays. This is still Larísa's Corner of Azeroth as well as the WoW Community. But the corner is situated in this spot, called The Pink Pigtail Inn.
Readers are free to chose the name you like best.

Feel at home and welcome back!

Your innkeeper



Manuel said...

Funny&warmly header, keep clear a small table in a dark corner for a blood elf colleage, cheers!

Larísa said...

Thanks! You're welcome here as well. I know there are a nice bunch of horde players among the readers. Consider the inn a neutral zone.

Knurd said...

YEAH!!! This is a much better platform and you will find this a much happier place! Welcome Home!

I promise to resist ganking your readers outside even if they are part of "them." :p

gnomeaggedon said...

Looking very nice Larísa..
the content of you last blog was great... the pigtail inn... sort of feels like home already.

Happy Blogwarming!