Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A few words about you

Who are you people that are reading Larísa's Corner on a regular basis? Sometimes I'm wondering. Trying to imagine who you are, how you look, what your real life is like.... I'm simply curious about you!

I guess it's out of this curiosity that I use Feedburner, which won't answer those questions, but at least gives me some statistics. I don't think I'm alone among WoW bloggers keeping some statistics, but until now I've actually never seen anyone sharing those numbers. Anyway I've got no secrets (at least not about this) and maybe there are a few more of you out there who would like to know how many people that actually read a smallish blog in a far-away corner of the world like mine.

So here we go! Let's see how Larísa's Corner has been the last 30 days! I hold up a mirror for you:

On average I've had 32 daily visitors. As a few of you know I like to picture Larísa's Corner as a pub - thinking about the number of visitors I guess the analogy is pretty relevant.

Of all the visitors 53 % are new, which means - I guess - that the rest have been here before. 34.4% come directly - maybe they've bookmarked me somehow. 59.4 % have used links from other sites and 6.2 % have come here out of doing searches.

The average visitor spends 2.59 minutes on the site (So it's a rather quick pub visit, but at least there must have been something worth reading.)

The link that without any competition gives me most visitors is the one from the bloggroll of Blessing of Kings. No less than 144 visitors found me this way! (I can just imagine how many visitors BoK must have...) I can only humbly say "Thanks. You have no idea how much this means. Or I guess you do, encouraging also the less known blogs, which you've said was your intention"

Quite a few have found me the last month by Big Red Kitty, but I know that's just temporarily. It was just me commenting on a popular post, and it probably won't give me much of visitors in the long run.

Resto4life linked to my posting about innervates and that gave me no less than 57 visitors. And 37 visitors found me by Warcraftbloggers.com.

A few visitors have stumbled on my page after doing a google search. Some of them will probably be disappointed. I've never ever written about "what's the first boss in plain ramps on wow". But two visitors actually did a search for "Larisa's corner" and that made me smile!

The majority of my readers are English speaking - 664 , followed by 173 Swedish and 38 German. Feedburner also provides flags telling where the visitors come from, and the one I see most often definitly is the US flag. But there are some British flags around as well and I also have a couple of regular Canadian visitors.

All in all I must say that I'm very happy with the numbers. When I converted Larísa's Corner from Swedish I remember I had about 7-8 visitors a day and I thought it was a little too small audience to be inspiring. I wanted to double it - and I've clearly managed to do that and quite a bit more. I've also become connected to the WoW blogging community and I just can't tell you how fun it is to get comments from other bloggers and found new lovely resources to check out.

Every little comment makes me all excited - I'm very easy to please you see - not to speak when an other blogger makes a post on a nearby subject, linking to my blog, which has happened a couple of times. It's just amazing.

You're amazing.

Thank you for coming by to this corner of the world. Whoever you are.

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