Friday, June 6, 2008

A look into my bags going for raid

Ideally I think your bags when going to a raid should only contain Really Necessary Things. Bag space shouldn't be any big issue, there should be plenty of space left over. Consumables, exchange gear, reagents and specific items you could need - that's what you should bring. The rest should be stored in the bank or on bank alts.

However, reality doesn't look quite like that. At least not for me.

I'm constantly dragging around a bunch of more or less stupid items. Quite a few of them are quest items. Whenever I visit Sunwell Island I start out picking up every daily quest there is. And as you know those dailies include a crazy amount of quest items. Sometimes (or rather for the most of the time to be honest) I won't complete all of the quests. I'll start some of them... collecting 3 out of 4 mana residues etc. Or I'll never even start the bombing. And then I tend to be too lazy to drop the quests - I want to do them right away next time I'll arrive there, without having to pick them up again. So I let the quests stay in the log and with them all the bloody items.

Still those items make sense. Others... don't. I'm a bit nostalgic about gear, find it hard to get rid of it or think "well... it COULD be handy... at some point... better keep it". Like trinkets: why do I always carry Quagmirrans Eye, though I right now use The Silver Crescent and the Alchemist stone? OK I could keep it in case I'll dump alchemy in the future (it's great trinket, one of the best in my opinion). But it could as well stay in the bank, not taking up place in my bag.

In short: I'm a bad bag manager. My bags look pretty much like my Real Life hand bag - full receipts, used tickets, notes and loads of plain crap. Not a beautiful sight, to tell the truth.
On the other hand I DO care a lot about what to bring to raids. I really want to bring the best I can - no matter how much it will cost me. And I love to hear about what other brings to raids in order to pick up new ideas for myself.

So this is for all of you who share this passion of mine: this is what Larísa will bring for raids for the time being (the things she really wants to bring, not the junk she's always dragging around). Here's a look into my bags:

Flasks and pots
  • 3 Flasks of Supreme power (I mostly throw AB, but have to mix in some frost bolts because of lack of mana, so it seems to be a good compromise, even though Flask of Blinding light would be better for the arcane spells)
  • 30 Mad alchemist's potion. Great one. Gives me mana and health at the same time and Ragveil isn't too bad to grind either.
  • 10-15 Bottled Nethergon Energy if I'm going to Tempest Keep... (when there's no need for health it may save me some mad alchemist potions..)
  • Destruction Potions isn't actually anything I bring for raid yet - since I don't have the recipe and they're expensive to tell the least. But probably I'll try it out sooner or layter - I'm aware they're great for boosting damage.

Buff food:

  • 30 Blackened basilisk or equivalent spirit+spelldamage food (basilisks seems to be easiest to grind for me)
  • A few pints of Kreeg's Stout Beatdown (it works just like RL beer- it increases your spirit, while decreasing your intelligence... I use it for boss fights when I'm afraid I'll run out of mana)

Other consumables

  • 5 charges of weapon oil - I recently switched from Superior Wizard oil to Superior Mana oil - anything to gain mana
  • Nightmare seeds and Fel blossom - got a bunch of each in my bags, but honestly never use them - they share cooldowns with other stuff and never seem to be available
  • Demonic Runes - got a few of them right now but haven't yet have the guts to try using them. Hey - I'm kind of fragile, losing life isn't really something I do deliberately.... But one day I'll try them, I promise.
  • 20 Heavy Netherweave Bandages
  • 80 manna biscuits
  • As many healthstones as I can get from the warlocks
  • Mana stones (at least Emerald and Ruby)


  • 40 arcane powder
  • 10 teleport runes
  • 10 portal runes
  • Light feathers - a bunch of them for Slow fall (you never know when you'll need them)

Exchange gear

  • My only stamina gear: Gladiator's Silk Amice, which I put on sometimes when stamina is needed.
  • Violet Badge - can be handy in some fights when you need arcane resistance
    (I'm a little ashamed about this part - I guess I should have more gear to change between - one spellhit capped for boss fights, another one for max damage on trash and one stamina boosted set for certain fights... but I don't. I wear the same gear most of the time.)

Other raid related items

  • Blackened Urn to be able to summon Nightbane (only needed in Karazhan ofc, but if I put it in the bank I'm convinced I'd forget to bring it when needed).
  • Ashtongue Cowl - a head I must wear when A'lar for BT attunement quest line (a current project of mine). I bring it all the time - you never know when you'll get the chance.

And last but not least

  • One Pet to keep me company. I've got plenty of them in the bank but never allow myself to bring more than one at the time.
  • A Romantic Picnic Basket ... You never know when you'll find a reason to celebrate. :)
  • Fishing pole and lure (not really necessary for raiding, except for whebut actually now a bad thing to occupy yourself with while waiting for others to arrive, when your outside Karazhan and SSC there are fishable waters just beside... (only remember to swich back to your weapons)

So dear readers... how do your package lists look? And what do you think about mine? Is there something I've overlooked (except for the cleaning-up-part)?

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