Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not preparing for WotLK

How are you preparing for the Wrath of the Lich King? This is the title for a suggested shared topic of the Blog Azeroth bloggers.

Honestly I've got to say I'm not preparing at all. Not in any cunning and organized way at least. Some players make a huge fuss about the information leaking out from the Alpha testing version. I just throw a glance at what's said about mages, but then I shrug, since I think things will change quite a few times before it's actually launched in the market. This isn't anything I want to waste my brain capacity on, I've got plenty of other things that I try to learn and remember about the game I play right now - about spell rotations, boss strategies, useful macros I should create - those things belonging to the future will only confuse me if they sneak into my mind.

Other players seem to be preparing by taking a break from the game until the sequel is available. They see no point in continuing gearing up their toons since the epics soon will be outdated when we start levelling towards 80. That's an attitude I can't understand either - unless you've actually seen and downed all the bosses in the game, including the Sunwell bosses, but how many of us has done that? Could it be one player in a thousand? At the most. To me the game is about seeing and beating content. Not about just collecting gear. (Then I could as well collect stamps or bookmarks or something less time consuming, heh?) Gear is mainly a tool to make it possible to beat more content. So if possible I'd happily keep progressing through TBC until the day before the WotLK is released. It remains though to see if there are others out there who think like me.

Since I started to play after TBC came, I've never experienced the effects of an expansion. Maybe that's one reason why I take it a bit cool. Thinking about it I realize that I'll probably throw myself into levelling my main, trying to keep a decent pace, not getting too far behind of my guildies, many of whom will probably have more playing time than I have.

Even though we won't be using our flying mounts to begin with, I must admit that one of the things I wanted to accomplish before the expansion was to get the epic flying mount riding skill - so I didn't have to worry about that anymore, but could concentrate on the levelling process. Now I've got it and I'm happy about that, I feel prepared in that aspect. I honestly can't believe it will turn out to be a waste of money.

Another thing that I'd like to accomplish before the expansion is to bring up at least one other char to 70. That would make me more flexible about professions. I can't help being a bit interested in the new inscription profession, but if Larísa should be able to pick it up, she must drop something else. Probably herbalism would be a better thing for an alt to deal with than for a main.

But pretty much, the game is business as usual for me. I don't stock up on materials, speculating about what will be necessary for levelling trade skills. I don't collect gold to be prepared to buy gear and skills, I just keep my bank account at a decent level, a few hundred gold, so I can repair and buy a few flasks or food for raid if I haven't got the time to make it myself.

My plan is simply to take the day as it comes, to keep enjoying the TBC just as it is, with everything it's got to offer. Maybe it's a bit naïve. But it's the Larísa way of doing things.

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