Monday, June 30, 2008

My last five hours in WoW

The other day I came by an old 20-questions-interview made by Matticus. He put the following question to Phaelia from Resto4life:

Let’s hypothetically assume Blizzard goes out of business and decides to shut down their servers and WoW for good. You have 5 hours before the server shutdown is permanent. What would you do in 5 hours?

Actually this type of question often is used to help you to find out what’s most important to you in real life. Usually you’re supposed to imagine you’ve got a certain amount of time left to live – be it a month or a year. How would you best use the time you have left? Sometimes the question is put in another manner: what would you like people to say about you holding a speech at your funeral? Thinking this way many people realize that having a successful career may not be so crucial after all, not compared to relations with friends and family.

Using this model of a question in a WoW context is a great idea and I couldn’t resist starting to think about how I would have answered the question. What aspects of the game do I appreciate most of all and what kind of last memory would I like to keep in my heart the day I’ll have to leave Azeroth forever? Limiting the time to five hours makes it quite hard to make up your mind – you really have to use the time wisely.

So what have I come up with so far? Well I think I’d want to grab nine of my best friends in the game and have a last run in Karazhan or possibly Zul Aman. Sticking to ten people I’d be sure to enjoy some of the best sides of raiding – the smooth cooperation, like a well-working machine, the comradeship, the laughter in the vent, the playfulness and brightness. I do love 25 man raiding but considering the short time available I’d rather play safe and stick to the small format to make sure it would be a success.

After clearing a last raid instance, I’d however go for a little wipe feast! Yes! I’d like to stick my little curious gnome face into Black Temple or Sunwell. OK, we’d wipe at trash mobs, but at least I would like to open the door and have a look and see whatever I can of it from the hallway.

Whatever time was left – maybe half an hour or an hour – I think I’d spend having some kind of party with guildies, friends – and maybe some strangers as well. We would have some awesome fireworks, light fires everywhere, do silly dances, eat chocolate cakes to grant us happiness, hug and blow kisses to each other, crying and laughing, sharing stories and memories from the game.

And what about the very end? At first I imagined I’d find a beautiful, stunning way to let Larísa die. To let her throw herself out of some high spot, let her fall and fall through the world, like Alice falling into the Wonderland. And then let her fade away, the world turning all gray. She would wander into the land of shadows and forever be a ghost in the deserted Blizzard Space.

But now I’ve changed my mind. I would rather take off Larísa all of her armory and fancy weapons and just dress her in her white wedding dress.

Her feet would be bare, her hands empty. I want her to be plain and innocent, the way she entered Azeroth long time ago.

Then I’d put her in a cheerful place – somewhere were sun’s shining, the grass is green and the water’s clear crystal blue. Perhaps in Nagrand, perhaps in a field in Goldshire. I’d bring her a nice pet for company. Perhaps Snowshoe the rabbit. He’s not exclusive, but he’s damn nice to pat.

And when the server finally would close I could comfort myself at the thought that Larísa would keep on playing merrily in the fields, even without me logging on.

My five last hours in the game. How would you spend yours?


Softi said...

I'd probably be swapping email addresses with my friends and guildies!

Other than that, I'm not sure what I'd do tbh. The thought hadn't really crossed my mind... I'm hoping it doesn't really happen like that!

Eishen said...

I would connect with my former toon (An Orc shaman) and pass the five hours revisiting the thousands of sites all over azeroth that he traveled in his youth, taking zillions of screenshots (probably taking one new removable HD!) …. The end probably would found me at feralas coast , at a southern western beach looking at the Sunset….

Flawlless said...

I'd pretend to be a chinese goldseller in shattrah.. or, if it was midsummer, dance around the pole with a couple of thousand other idiots, spending time on something doomed.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question. I posted a response on my own blog.

The ghost idea is cool, but seeing the Ghost form debuff on your armory stuck forever is kinda sad. :P

Larísa said...

Some good suggestions here. Five hours IS a short time for taking farwell to such a great place as Azeroth.

It's hard to chose.
I'd really like to do some kind of tour de Azeroth myself, with a very special mount going at a truly epic speed... You could be my guide, eishen!

I recommend reading loronar's post, it was really nice!

Anonymous said...

Hey Larisa, got me thinking too... couldn't help myself, I had to blog on it too, afterall it is the end of the world as we know it.. or might I say.. the Gnomeaggedon

Tanja said...

I would spend my time taking screenshots in all the fantastic and wild places i have enjoyed in the world of WOW. then i can print my faviourites into a little memories booklet.
Then i would download a new games to make home.