Monday, June 9, 2008

My lost faith in WowJutsu

Suddenly our guild started to climb on the ranking lists of WowJutsu. How sweet it wasn't it to watch! From around 69 on our realm we jumped to 50-something, then 40-something and now we're ranked as number 38 on Stormrage/EU. (Which sounds a lot better than 7867, which is our actual ranking out of all EU guilds).

It didn't come as a total surprise that we climbed. Actually we deserved it. We had done some really good progress in a few weeks, boss after boss in ZA going down until it was all cleared. We had gotten Gruul and Maggie on farm and taken down a few bosses in TK and SSC. So we should definitely be climbing. Still - when I looked closer at the little signs symbolizing our kills- I didn't recognize the picture. How came that we suddenly seemed to have taken down bosses in MH and even Black Temple? Had the guild done some secret raids at off hours, only open to a few chosen? It seemed pretty unlikely and would have been damned impressive if the guys involved had been able to keep it a secret. And why should they by the way?

After doing a bit of more of research I finally got the explanation. It turned out that WowJutsu actually is a bit broken. It can't handle realm transfers properly. Every time you get a new member from another realm who's been around a bit and gained some nice gear from higher raid instances, you'll actually get the gear registered for new boss kills. And we had been fortunate enough to get a couple of new characters in the team lately, people who had done a bit more of progression than we have as a guild.

Watching our guild ranking on WowJutsu should make me feel proud, but my feelings are a little mixed. It would feel so much better if it showed the real picture and else. Still I guess we're not alone in this situation. If we get a bit higher points than we actually deserve it probably is the same with other guilds. I don't think we see more or less of realm transfers than anyone else.
Finally: even if the tool's broken, of course I'm grateful to the guys who have developed WowJutsu and provide it as a tool. With all it's flaws it's a lot easier to use and maintain than any manual system you could think of. I just hope they'll find a way to fix the realm transfer bug one day. It doesn't matter if the fix will make our guild ranking fall like a stone. I just want the plain truth. What counts to me is that we're actually progressing - if we're number 30, 50 or 70 on the server isn't the whole world.

I still know we're awesome.


Arkanil said...

The big problem is identifying the realm transfers. How do you capture them as outliers when scanning? From a technical standpoint, they would appear to be no different than someone who had paid for a name change.

Larísa said...

Amazing to get a comment after such a long time! But fun :)
Welcome to my blog!

I've stopped caring about WowJutsu so much. On my server there's another list, I think it's manually updated, which seems much more correct and up to date.