Friday, December 12, 2008

I see gnomes everywhere!

Gn++, to use the new Geeky Code System, created by Typhoon Andrew.

Yes, I love gnomes, which the regular readers of The Pink Pigtail in should know by now.
And the more of them, the merrier!

I don’t know what it is that makes them so lovable. Probably it’s got something to do with the size. It’s so unlikely that such a small little creature can do so much damage. And still they do, like a David facing a Goliat.

Gnome warriors aren’t that popular for some reason, but have you ever seen one in action you won’t forget it. You can’t say anything but that they look brave when they charge in, attacking a dragon, who’s got claws that are bigger than the gnome himself.

I’ve always wanted to see a gnomes-only dungeon party. I guess it should be doable at some low level instance, but at the right level it seems sort of futile even to try it. How far can you come on pots (one per fight nowadays), bandages and jumper cables? Not that far, I’m afraid.

However, even if we have yet to see a healing gnome class, the expansion has given me some other cookies to enjoy. I’ve never seen as many pink pigtailed gnomes as I do these days, thanks to the new lovely mirror spell they’ve blessed the mages with.

Maybe it’s just the pleasure of getting a new spell, a feeling that will wear of eventually, but right now I enjoy immensely to see three copies of myself engaging into the fight for a little while, until they succumb making a sad little noise. I must admit that they don’t always attack the targets I would recommend in the first place – they behave rather randomly and disoriented, to be honest. But still you can’t but love them.

To make it even better I tried combining them with my trinket gnomes and suddenly there were no less then seven gnomes in one spot, attacking the same target. Larísa was turned into the commander of a gnomish army! It’s a bit chaotic I must admit – since I haven’t got any pet par, they seem to attack stuff a bit randomly. But still. It’s an army! I only wish they could upgrade the trinket so it was worth carrying for real, not just for screenshots.

And as if this wasn’t enough, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to see more copies of Larísa in the game, without using the mirror. Sometimes I’ve fought her, killing my inner demons or whatever, in instances and quests. At other points we’ve been friends, when I helped my future “me”, fighting side by side. I like it either way – as long as I get to see more pink pigtailed gnomes I’m fine. It’s gnome therapy: help the good sides of yourself and kill the bad sides, while enjoying our cute appearances.

There are gnomes everywhere. I’ve got the feeling that the gnomish power in Azeroth is about to be restored in a near future. We’re certainly living in the best of times!


David said...

I see gnomes everywhere too. I always try to send down a moonfire on them so that my teammates can better spot them and take their shots, too ;)

As a primarily Horde player, I have to say gnomes can be frustrating to target and stay on in PVP. But that is an advantage for said gnome, no? So I hope you can take this as a complement.

I know this is like eating out of a KFC bucket while wearing a fur coat at PETA headquarters, but I wanted to shed some light on the horde's view of gnomes :)

Funeral said...

My first character when WoW released was a Gnome rogue. I got him to level 60 and then quit playing for awhile. I've never really understood the Gnome hatred myself, personally the biggest regret I have about playing Horde now is that I can't be a Gnome.

krizzlybear said...

I'm surprised I don't see as many gnome death knights around. I seem to be the only one. Maybe when realms open up the option to start death knights without having a 55 on that particular server, I'll make a pink pigtailed death knight, just for the giggles.

Gevlon said...

Larísa: everything can be done, including the all gnome instance! The trick is: the tank is NOT the gnome warrior, but 2 voidwalkers of 2 demonology specced warlocks. The owner of the aggro-fist warlock cast the healing beam. (amplify magic helps)

The DPS must take care to not pass the aggro of the second voidwalker. When the first void dies, the second void will be the tank, get the healing beam. The other warlock resummon his void and send again.

When the second void dies, vanish/invisibility, to clear aggro and let the resummoned first void start tanking.

Repeat until boss dies.

And you can use the trinket in battles where the boss have random targeting (Aran was such, don't know if any in WoTLK). While the wodoo gnomes don't do much damage, they can serve well as decoy!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely adore gnomes! they're so cute! the first toon i created was a gnome and she's the whole reason i don't hate wow anymore.

i created a human warrior instead gnome warrior because human look good in sexy plates. gnomes are just cute and they aren't good fashion models.

now i created a gnome death knight becuase... gnomes are so cute! haha! i'm addicted to gnomes. :p

Anonymous said...

@David: We can take it! We're sort of used to it. Deep inside I know there's a little gnome in you too.

@Funeral: I think it's strange you so rarely see gnome rogues around. Mostly mages and locks. I love the moves and the feeling of the small but evil gnomish rogues. You know... it's never to late to pick it up again!

@Krizzlybear: ofc my DK will be gnome. But I haven't yet decided about the hair. I may reserve the pink pigtails for Larisa and give something else to that new lady.

@Gevlon: that sounds SO cool. I really need to try it! Don't know that many gnome warlocks at level 80 though. But I'll keep my eyes open for an opportunity if I ever meet some other gnome fanatics like me.

@Prettywow: I must disagree about humans looking good. I think they look pretty boring tbh. The girls have some kind of empty, stupid expression in their face that I just can't stand. OK if you think nightelfes are more sexy than gnomes. It's not out of the blue. But humans? Bah. Good to hear your DK is a gnome though and that you're a gnome lover after all.

Fish said...


It's not like I need extra incentive to comment on your blog, but gnome warriors, courageous? fierce? Really??

Four foot tall armor plated footballs attacking dragons isnt fierce, it's foolish. I find the concept of a gnomish healer much more believable.

I will say, in honor of you and the esteemed gnomeageddon, I leave gnome mages alone. Warriors, rogues and DK's get killed on sight, provided the character I'm on at the time has the ability.

Fish said...

And Krizzlybear, but until last week, I pictured him human lol