Friday, December 19, 2008

A love song to all commenters

The blogger One among many has initiated what has turned into a sort of love song to all commenters in the blogosphere. She has tagged a few bloggers – including me – and asked them to recall and link to the first person ever to comment on our blogs and give them our proper thanks.

Who could resist such a request? Of course I want to thank – not only the first one who commented, but every single one if it was possible. The comments are just as essential to building this inn as the post themselves. I think it’s like comparing a solo instrument to a whole orchestra. I don’t mind a single flute, but it will sound pretty lonely after a while. Without the ideas bouncing around in the comments the atmosphere really wouldn’t be the same. I mean it when I say it: we build this blog together.

The first comment
This said I should of course do as she requests and thank the first commenter properly. The first comment I ever got was on my second post written, To level quickly or with pleasure? I wrote it on February 3 and got a comment the day after, from Consentire, who at that time ran a Swedish WoW blog which had inspired me to start blogging. A couple of guildies commented as well – and to be honest I don’t think many people except for those read my blog for the first months.

In April I took the decision start the process of converting the whole blog into English. I got several comments on the post where I announced it. The quickest one to reply was Joshua, who runs WarcraftBloggers, which aggregates feeds from hundreds of WoW blogs. He informed me that he just had added me, which of course made me proud and excited.

Two established bloggers were quick to comment as well. The first one came from Softi at A little WoW for me:

oh great! I'm glad you've decided to make this change. Your english has so far been really easy to read so you can't be that bad at it! :P

The second one came from Aurik at /hug. He was – and still is – one of my favourite bloggers and I had commented on his blogs a couple of times. For instance I had given him a list where I had translated the headlines of a number of my Swedish Blog entries, trying to give him a picture of what my blog was about. Now he wrote me this:

Finally I can comment enthusiastically on your posts for a change! I'm glad you decided to go through with it and just sad that I didn't know Swedish in the first place to read it. Don't worry too much about your English - it's totally understandable and far more gramatically correct than mine will ever be.

I really hope you get more visitors by blogging in English - even when you write for yourself it's nice to know that others out there are reading and appreciating something which you have enjoyed writing. I hope, too, that you don't find it a chore to translate so much and lose the joy of the writing itself.
*Comes back from reading all of the currently translated posts*
Awesome work, keep it up!

What it meant
I don’t know if I ever thanked you properly, Joshua, Softi and Aurik. But here it is: a thanks coming from the bottom of my burning little gnomish heart. You know what comments to an insecure newbie blogger means. This really helped me to get the confidence I needed to go on with my mission to go for an English blog.

I try once in a while to pay this forward, to comment not only on established blogs but on new ones. I think a blogger is born twice – the first time starting the blog – the second time getting the first comment from a stranger. We all should help out to give birth to the new bloggers. Whenever I see an excellent blog post with 0 comments, my heart aches a little. I don’t comment as much as I would like to – there are too many blogs out there, so the task is a bit overwhelming. But I try to make footprints here and there, remembering my own first days as a blogger.

A linking memory
Finally I have to give another shoutout, to Matticus. One month after I had turned English his eyes happened to fall on a short little blogpost of mine about such an obscure topic as onion chopping. He linked to it and called it “interesting” or something like that. Somehow I can still feel that gentle kind pat on the shoulder, it keeps me going.

Commenters and linkers out there. This is my love song to all of you. Feel the warmth!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. I have a number of new blogs to post tomorrow to Established or not, so many blogs have value to add. I feel bad not adding them more quickly and have plans to rectify that. Thanks for adding quality to the wow community. Joshua

Gevlon said...

And you were my first commenter, and also gave great advices how to start.

The only reason why I don't make a post of it is that I don't want angry mob torch your inn for unleashing an evil, selfish, inhumane goblin to the good people of Azeroth :-)

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Posts like these are always good reads. I find it very interesting on how people actually get other people to start reading their blog posts.

I agree with Gevlon( did I just say that? wierd =P) You were my first commenter and also gave me some advice that helped me get started. Ever since then I have been addicted to reading blogs and trying to make my blog the best that it could be.

So thanks for the motivation!

Anonymous said...

Aww it is a pleasure to read your blog Larisa, I'm only sorry I barely have the time to read let alone comment these days... I promise I AM still reading though!


Gevlon said...

PS: just checked Google Analytics. On the list of referring sites you are the No1, so you drive the most visitors to me. So you not just helped starting, still helping every day. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this topic in a few blogs and i will tell you what told them, my first comment (proper) was from a lovely gnome mage called larísa, i do <3 that mage.

Anonymous said...

@Joshua: you're doing a great job without making a big fuss of it. Thank's for giving us this nice service!

@Gevlon: I'm very proud and happy if I've in any way contributed in the unleashing of this little evil goblin. The world needs salt as well as sugar. You help mainaining the balance in the Blogosphere.

@Wtf Spaghetti: thanks!

@Softi: I know you're out there somewhere. I feel your presence!

@Esdras: /hug!

Anonymous said...

@ Softi, we can't all comment these days! The occasional comment lets us know you're alive and blogging still though! =P

I've only just recently found Larisa's blog...but I really do like it and enjoy reading it whenever I can! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from India... coming back soon...

You were my 1st commenter... and probably the main reason I started writing, and continue for that matter...

Keep on blogging!

Anonymous said...

A capital idea - I'll have to review all the comments and see who are my top folks too. That would make for a handy dashboard app in Wordpress/Blogger.