Monday, December 8, 2008

My geeky WoW code

Do you want to know my WoW history? Do you want to know what I’ve achieved in the game and which aspects of it I like most? Would you like to hear about my gaming habits, what I think about other classes and which position I have in my guild?

That could be quite a lengthy post. But Typhoondrew has showed us how it could be done in a truly geeky and very efficient way. It can all be abbreviated into a few lines of letters, all meaning something.

So this is the WoW code of Larísa:

M: Ma80, Mb:0/53/18, Mr: Gn, Alt: Ro70, S: Stormrage-EU-Pve, G:Adrenaline R, Pvp-, Pve+, Y2007.2. DHC, TBC-BT, L, C:++Ma, R:Gn++, -Hu!, RP-, :-D, V0.1

Do you get it? If not, I’m not going to give you the code key here. Instead I recommend you to go and check the original post, where you get it all explained.

Thank you Typhoonandrew for sharing this! I’m the kind of person who likes crosswords and such, so I found some geeky pleasure in doing this, don't ask me why.

It remains to see if the code will be established into the WoW fan community. Who knows? At least I was amused enough to do it myself and spread the word to a few more.


David said...

M:Dr78, Mr?, Alt: 71Ma, 71Pa, 70Sh, 70Ro, 69Hu, 64Wa, 60DK S:Khaz'goroth-Oceanic-PVE, GO:Ascendancy, Pvp+:2v2=1650, Pve+, Y2004.11, D+C, Ori-BWL, TBC-Mags, C:Wl! R:!Gn?

Fish said...

Personally I think its a good concept, but a little cryptic to be mainstream.

I like the concept, but some of us not in the IT industry have issues with information density lol

Anonymous said...


My WoW code is going to be pretty sparse, I guess I'll just look forward to making many versions!

M:Ma46-Dr 37/0/0, S:Aerie Peak-US-PvE, G:Ring of Scars, +PvE, -PvP, -RP, Y2008.4, Ori-SM, R:+Dr, +Tr, !Or, ver 0.1.

Unknown said...

uuuh ... here goes

Mc:Wa80,Mb:18/53/0,Mr:Tu,Alt:Dr69, S:Eredar-US-PvP, G:Renascent, Pve++, pvp+, Ori:AQ, TBC:Sunwell, WLK:HMalygos(25),L+, C:Wr++, R:Tu+, Tr? RP? :l, V0.1

Anonymous said...

@David: you consider Gnomes silly!?! What should I say about that?

@Fish: definitly not mainstream, but fits geeks like me perfectly.

@Rhii: is it very lonely levelling up in the old world these days? However it shouldn't be too long before you enter the land of DK...

David said...

Kind of late commenting, but I admit I've never rolled a Gnome; I don't find them personally appealing choices to play with.

Actually, I do enjoy playing with gnomes. As in punting their heads across the Alterac Valley!

Anonymous said...

Larisa - In answer to your question, yes. It is very lonely leveling in the old world these days. Since LK launched I haven't been able to find an instance group, which is causing me questing problems. Half my quest log is Uldaman and ZulFarrak, but I can't find a group that's going. The guildies who tolerate running me through these places are all busy leveling their alts to 80. It's kind of sad. But I'm still plugging away. I won't be a nooblet for ever! ;)