Thursday, December 18, 2008

The joy of being an ugly dwarf

I’ve turned into an ugly iron dwarf. And it was about time. God, I could never imagine I would love it so much!

You know, I’ve always put a pride into my cuteness. It never occurred to me to roll a horde char since they were per definition ugly. And I never thought about rolling a male character. I don’t know why really; I never was the kind of girl that plays with dolls – rather the opposite. I never use make-up in real life – to be honest I look quite shabby to be a girl of my age. So why sticking so hard to this cute little gnome girl with pink pigtails with her rather feminine appearance? The only explanation I can see is that it was some kind of reaction, an outlet for the girlish tendencies I’ve never showed in real life.

But all of this is history. Because now I’ve found another creature inside myself, and to my astonishment it turned out to be a male iron dwarf!

I never would have come to try it if wasn’t for the hype about the Iron Boot Flask, which turns you into an Iron Dwarf for ten minutes every hour (if you want). Currently the cost is 10 Relics of Ulduar, but in next patch it will increase to 250. “Go get it, before it’s too late”, WoWinsider told me.

And off I went to get my flask. “What’s the use?” a guildie asked. “Can it help you in anyway? Is it an exploit? Do you need that disguise to make a quest?” To be honest I had no idea. This time I was a mindless sheep, doing what everyone else was doing. Surely there must be a reason why the flask was going to become so expensive?

Wearing a disguise isn’t exactly a new thing in the game. I’ve had quite a few levelling up in WotlK – golem, wolf and the unforgettable murloc for instance. But being able to shapeshift over and over again once an hour as much as I like still is a bit different. Now the time had come to try it out, doing my daily quests for Sons of Hodir. I stood there on the ice, I clicked the item in my bag. And my eyes started to sparkle.

The result was about as unlike Larisa as you can get. But once I started to nuke I realized that all my spells still were there, now in the hands of this ugly little dwarf. To be honest it looked a bit stupid. I don’t think spellcasting really is a suitable occupation for a dwarf. With their rough appearance they’re adapted to close combat. But so what? When I had finished the mob and celebrated with an insane dwarf dance I couldn’t stop giggling to myself. It was only when I decided to take off on my mount that I became a bit disappointed, discovering that the new shape won’t survive mounting.

So how will the continuation be? Will Larisa from now on spend 10 minutes every hour as a dwarf? I don’t know. I guess the pleasure of novelty will wear off after a while. And when I think about it wearing different masquerade suits is rather unpractical, especially in raids. As long as people look as I’m used to I can easily keep track of who’s who and interact with them accordingly. When people are messing around with Halloween wands or Noggenfogger elixirs I have to think twice and look on the nametags or the minimap, which is an unnecessary complication.

But every once in a while, especially when I’m doing my Son of Hodir daily quest grinding, perhaps feeling a little bored, since it seems like such an endless task, I’ll brighten up my day turning into an iron dwarf.

And with the new insight I got I’ve suddenly got a new understanding for female players rolling ugly horde character. It isn’t as foreign and strange as I imagined. I could very well do it myself one day if I wasn’t already so attached to Larísa.


David said...

A couple days ago I did the same thing and got my boot flask. I think if there was anything at level 80 made 25 times more expensive, the effect would be the same. Get it cheap! Gogogo!

Druids lose costumes with any shifting, making them especially worthless for us shifty folk. It's nice to do business in town as an electric blue dwarf though!

Anonymous said...

I take umbridge, once again, to your assertion that horde are ugly "per definition"!

Personally I find male gnomes and humans to be extremely distaseful and rather ugly and would *much* rather play my (in my opinion) cute female tauren than a lumbering male human who looks like someone shoved a stick up his... ahem.

Alliance is not all 'pretty' and horde is not all 'ugly'. As the over-used saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder and personally I prefer the aesthetics of the horde to the alliance.

On the subject at hand, though, I am glad they made the post about the item in question's cost as the only reason I had not bought it before now was simply that I did not realise the item was re-usable!

I absoloutely love changing shape and usually carry noggenfogger on my person and any other similar seasonal items. I have to look at the same char all the time - they hardly ever even change their clothes - so why not mix it up a little :)?


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the joys that Dwarfs can bring to people.

My first main character was a male dwarf before I rereolled to the horde side. I think overall I like horde characters / animations better, but that is not to say that I dislike the Alliance toons. Especially my beloved Dwarf brothers.

Just like Aurik said, I usually carry a noggenfogger pot or some deviate fish on my toons. Always good to switch it up sometimes.

~good read as always~

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the way that dark iron dwarf looks!

Question, when you mounted did it say that you couldn't mount with a disguise on or did it just mount you with no warning and the iron dwarf you became...disappeared?

Just recalling the other day when I was being a sneaky ninja in IF and couldn't get on a flight until I decided to be "me" again.

Anonymous said...

@David: ah... that sucks for the druids. Maybe they think you get enough of fun shapeshifting as it is.

@Aurik: I know I'll probably hurt someones feelings, but I must admit that all male gnomes don't look awesome. And I agree about humans, I'm not perticularly fond of either male or female ones (as expressed in my geeky Wow code).

And I must apologize for making assumptions that all horde are ugly. It says more about my prejudices than about how it really is. I think I'll look on them in a more open minded way, now that I've broken the ice testing the dwarf apperance.

@Wtfspaghetti: I must admit I know nothing about the animations on the horde side. Soon I've been playing for two years. It's really a shame I've still missed half of the game.

@One among many: it was the second thing: I mounted, but I was turned back into a gnome at my disappointment.

Anonymous said...

How dare you say dwarfs are ugly us dwarfs are made of muscle and hunk hahahaha

Fish said...

At least for me, I want to look at my character and think "damn, my guy looks cool". I want to see rippling muscles and impressive facial hair (except for casters, they're allowed not to have rippling muscles). I still want the sun eater, not really because its better than anything I'll get in northrend, but because it looks REALLY COOL. It's why I have a love/hate relationship with blood elves. I love being a prot paladin, wish I could do it as a human, beefy with a manly beard, not his effeminate 14yo little brother.

In my mind, you're a pink pig tailed gnome ;)

Anonymous said...

I belive you get a proc chance on spell cast to do ~1k nature damage (lightning bolt). So it's probably worth using on fights like Gluth or Patchwerk.