Monday, December 29, 2008

Time for preparation

Lately I haven’t reported so much about what I’m up to in the game. So today I thought I’d make a brief report for once, just so that you know that I’m still playing and not spending all my time sitting in a corner, pondering upon different philosophical aspects of the game. I do what many other people do these days and that’s why I haven’t much to say about it.

Preparing for raids
Most of my gaming time since the expansion was launched has been about preparing. My guild is starting 25 man raiding next week, and I’ve worked hard to get a decent gear to begin with, not yet with the most exclusive enchants and gems available in the game, but at least nothing I’m ashamed of. With exception for my very much hated head and the hit rating trinket, I’m full Nothrend epic by now, which is far better than I could ever have dreamed of.

I’ve ran tons of heroics, completing all there are of them in Northrend, gathering so many badges that there’s nothing more to buy for Larísa, but hopefully there will come other things to buy later on, perhaps some gems. I’ve done a few of the heroic instance achievements as well. I’m still not as caught by the achievement bug as many of my guildies, but I like the twist they add to the instances, making them more interesting again once we’ve geared up and learned the strategies. It feels like the excitement about them will last longer thanks to it.

My current favourite instance is timer run in Stratholme. I’ve always liked instances where the script sets the pace for you, like Black Morass and Durnhold and the timer puts some extra pressure on you. I’ve managed to complete it twice, but lost the rolls for the mount, so I’ll keep doing it for a while more.

Waiting for the holiday debuff on the guild to wear off, we’ve done some 10 man Naxx. Considering how few times I’ve been there, I’ve been lucky with the drops and rolls, already wearing 4 pieces of T7. But above all I’ve got the opportunity to practice. It’s a great appetizer before the real thing starts, and I think it will help that I’ve seen and killed all of the bosses. I still haven’t survived the Hegan dance, but I won’t give up until I do!

The hated Sons
When I’m not running instances I’m grinding rep. Oh you Sons of Hodir! You call me revered… You should know what I call you! You’re not even friendly with me. I feel like a slave, polishing that stupid helm over again with some yucky slime oil. Trust me, once I’m exalted I’ll never do you a favour again. Not a single one. It’s a promise.

On the other hand I know there are some other rep grinds awaiting then. I’d really like a penguin pet. And the oracles are so sweet, they could deserve a hand from me. But with those reps there’s really no hurry.

The shoulder enchant is different, it’s necessary, according to me. I know there are others who have different opinions on this matter. I suspect that Gevlon think that I’m suffering from Raider Stupidity, gearing up a lot more than needed for the encounters we’re about to make. Waste of effort, waste of resources! And yet I keep doing it. To me going to a raid is like going to a new year’s party. Of course a pair of worn jeans will cover your body and keep you from getting wet and cold. But it won’t give you the right feeling. When I raid I want to come in the best clothes I can afford.

Yesterday I made a little step away from the narrow road, doing something just for fun and not in order to prepare for raiding: I started doing the Winter veil achievements. It just came into my head that “merrymaker” would be a perfect title for Larísa to wear. I’m a bit late in the start – the last day to do it is on January 2, and especially the task to get 50 honorable kills in disguise is quite time consuming and annoying. It remains to see if I’ll succeed.

Well, it’s not all in the title, is it? I could very well decide to become a merrymaker, even if it doesn’t show above my head.


Joel said...

Apparently a good way to get the 50 kills as a Winter Veil gnome is to ride as a passenger on the Wintergrasp vehicles. If you lose your costume, hearth to Dalaran then jump back in.

Anonymous said...

Wanna feel ever more weird about those Sons of Hodir dailies? Read the names:

"Polishing Hodir's Helm"
"Raising Hodir's Spear"
"Blowing Hodir's Horn"

Come on Blizz, you're not fooling anyone with your perviness!

Soon you'll be able to turn in Relics of Ulduar for rep though, which will rule.

Best of luck in Naxx!

Anonymous said...

Yes! You can leave Wintergrasp if you die, get your gnome on in Dalaran, and jump right back in, without being hit with Deserter status. : )

Gevlon said...

Larísa, you are right, I really don't think Hodir exalted worth it.

Greater inscription of the storm: 24 SP, 15 crit
Lesser inscription of the storm: 18SP, 10 crit.

BTW you are not overgeared for Naxx 25. According to (and myself), you are way overgeared for Malygos HC or Sartharion with 1 dragon up. I've checked the armory of the mages of Ensidia (ex-Nihilum). Half of them have the same spellpower and crit as you. (probably alts, but still Ensidia)

About head: craft yourself a Hat of wintry doom and be happy.

Gevlon said...

PS: I've checked the mages of your guild.

One has 100SP less than you.
The others (including your guild leader) have 200 less.

You have 100+ more haste than any of them.

Are you sure you need that 6SP and 5 crit?

Anonymous said...

Im just desperate to get to 80 now, i am half way through 78 and i just want to be 80 /cry.

TBH ive not been on much over christmas as i been on call but still i want to be 80 now.

Should be 80 by end of week now though.

Anonymous said...

@Joel&Meg: that's a good idea. It's pretty anoying and getting 15 minutes of deserter buff just because you want the costume back.

@Hesston: hm... never thought about it that way. /blush

@Gevlon: Deep inside I know you're right. And still I can't refrain myself from torturing myself to get the exalted rep with Hodir.
It's weired and the only explanation I have is that it's got to do with those rediculous cravings we have for vanity and the admiration of others, which you have written about a few times.
Or have I got some well hidden S/M personality I never knew of?
Anyway it's comforting to hear that my gear seems so nice. I know good gear can't compensate if you're bad at actually playing your toon, but at least it doesn't hurt, it will help up a little when I sometimes lack a bit in speed and situation awareness.

@Esdras: it will go quicker and easier now that you have mount at least. I thought Scholazar was a nice place to grind xp towards the end. Starting out the questlines for the Sons of Hodir isn't a bad idea either (provided that you're a S/M like me.. :))

Green Armadillo said...

I think the Hodir shoulder enchants actually are somewhat worth the effort. Maybe you don't need the stats now, but those enchants can be applied to every shoulder you get from now til forever (including NEXT expansion - I'm still spending down the last of my arcane runes from last expansion).

That said, I'm not going all-out until next patch so that I can speed through to honored with relics. Two of the three quests at friendly are a real pain, and I'd rather be able to skip them.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Gevlon only because I'm of the philosophy of why gimp the raid?

I used to farm Kara like so many others and yet I always used food buffs and elixirs. There was absolutely no need and many others didn't, but to me it meant slacking off and cutting corners and I didn't want to get in the habit.

I grinded the Hodir rep, got my upgraded enchant and saw no noticeable difference, but I'm happier about it.