Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Larísa's got married! It happened the other day, in a moment of joy and inspiration. A hunter in my guild and I agreed that two first-kills for the guild (in SSC) in one night demanded some kind of decent celebration. And we just couldn't imagine any better place to do it than on the Prince terrace in Karazhan, where we ended up the night, doing a bit of chill-down badge farming after the main raid.

So once the Big Bad Boy was dead, we dropped all armor and cool weapons and put on a wedding dress and a tuxedo, which made us look like we were wearing a pyjama and a night gown. Still it was kind of cute, though you really can't say we were matching, my little gnome barely reaching the stomach of his night elf. We asked the priest in the raid to stay with us and perform the ritual. A quick change of rings and there we were, united as husband and wife in the game!

I have no idea how long this marriage will last (mind you, we'll be rolling not for the same Tier 5 set pieces, which could be the reason for some envy and upsetting disappointments...) or what it will mean in the game (not much I believe, not being on a RP server). Still it was kind of fun, an example of that you once in a while can do other things in Azeroth than just boss nuking.

I just have to remember to take off that ring and put it in my bag (together with the romantic picnic basket I'm always dragging around). The stats on it weren't too impressive.

The question now is: where should we go for honeymoon? We're leaning towards Exodar, but haven't made up our minds yet. Any suggestions?(Note to the English speaking readers of the blog: as you probably understand the picture above was taken during the ceremony, both of us saying "yes!" )

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