Monday, May 26, 2008

The advantage of being cute

Larísa is cute. At least in my eyes. I just can't help loving those little gnome girls with pink pig tails. If I'd ever get the possibility to redesign Larísa I'd never pick anything else for her. Maybe I'd make her cheer up a bit, she's look kind of sulky. But that's all there is to complain about.

I had my reasons when I first designed her (which I've written about here.) Still, getting advantages and privileges out of plain cuteness wasn't what I had in mind when I picked her race, sex and hair colour. The very idea that cuteness could be an issue never occurred to me. Until the other day when I found this wonderful passage in the not-to-be-missed blog Resto4life:

Besides tanks, a healer's frequent need-to-nurture can work to the advantage of DPS players. There is a female Gnome Rogue in my guild (with pink hair, no less) that SQUEAKS every time she's hit. Even though I know she's played by a male in real life (and a very nice one at that), there is an automatic "OH NO DON'T LET HER DIE SHE'S SO CUTE!" reaction the instant I hear that sound. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. If I ever did play a Warrior tank, I'd make sure she were a Gnome. Then I'd get all the heals!

Honestly, Resto4 life, I think you're quite right. It's just like watching a puppy: even with the knowledge that this little creature will one day grow up to a monster, able to literary eat up all your savings, capable of killing a man, you just cant help following your instinct. We all start to speak baby language with it, we all want to protect it from all the evil in the world, no matter how stupid it seams to us. Cuteness is irresistible and makes us lose our sense. Why else would a night elf hunter in our guild keep calling all of the gnomes around his little "pets", gently patting us, no matter that we're actually death machines. (Just a pity he isn't a healer, then we could make use of his affection,)

I don't have any evidence for it, but I can't help thinking that this cuteness also could have some other advantages. I was thinking about PvP - isn't it quite possible that an enemy will underestimate you, not being able to take the threat from a cute little gnome girl seriously? (This is pure speculation). Or if you're cute enough maybe you could make the opponents stop up just to admire your looks? (No, that's probably pulling it too far.)

Still there are facts speaking against the Cuteness factor theory. To be honest, I've never ever noticed any kind of VIP treatment for cute gnomes when it comes to ressing after a wipe. No matter how pathetic she looks laying there, like a little doll, torn into pieces, Larisa sometimes is the last one to be ressed. I blame it on her size: the healers just can't find her or won't notice her absence. It's another thing with a huge human warrior. When he's not up and going the whole room seems kind of empty.

Anyway, if it's possible to push your healers a little further, using their protective instinct, just by being cute - why not give it a try? If I was to level up a tank myself one day I'd definitely pick a female gnome one. Provided I was on the Alliance side.

I don't know how this thing works with the Horde. Could you sincerely describe ANY of the horde races as cute? Does the Cuteness Effect exist on your side - do you think of the blood elves as puppies? Or are hordies another kind of species - immune against cuteness? Please enlighten me, anyone who knows.


Anonymous said...

I think that you're right - perhaps the Advantage of Cuteness belongs solely to the gnomes. Because even though dwarves are short (one major factor in gnome's cuteness) it's certainly not the same thing. They're a little gruff, and gruff isn't endearing. While I played Horde originally and harbored a slight dislike for gnomes, after playing Alliance I developed an affection for them. And honestly, I agree with you - I don't think that any Horde race can fall under the "cute" category. Horde are not puppies - not even Blood Elves. If they are, they're more like that nightmare-enducing World's Ugliest Dog. /shudder (google it if you haven't already seen him. But be ready to cringe in horror.)

As a healer, I would certainly be sensitive to a little girl gnome squeaking because she's getting hit. And I would also throw her a heal, even though the human male pally is grunting after receiving a few blows - he's tough, he can take it.

I really really want to roll a female gnome warrior now.

Brena said...

got here by accident while googling "cute gnomes"

yay cute gnomes!! i carry stacks of forors icecream around and give them out to random cute gnomes!