Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Times They Are A-Changing

"Oh you should have been around in the old days... Naxx...bla bla... much better in BG...bla bla... When epics ware really exclusive and the game wasn't populated by noobs...."

Have you heard it before? Being a late starter I can't help getting a bit fed up with that kind of talk. I can take some of it, but after a while I just want to shout:
"Congrats for having so much fun in the old days, but if you think the game has become spoiled, why don't you just leave it and leave us, who still are enchanted and thrilled, alone? WE still enjoy WoW in the TBC shape, don't ruin it with your whining!"

I wonder what will happen to me with the expansion? Will I become one of those grumpy old self-pitying players? I see myself talking about how good the game was in The Burning Crusade Era, when raiding instances actually took some commitment and you had to get through endless attunement procedures, sorting out the weed, before you could enter. I'll probably tell new players about how excited I was, even to just enter the doors of Karazhan, since it had taken us so much of work to do it. Now with The Wrath of the Lich King, just anybody will be able to go into a raid instance without further preparations. What has become of the world? Oh dear, oh dear...

Yeah. I've been reading the glimpses of information about the expansion that went official the other day. Actually I think what I've heard so far seems pretty promising.

Though I have some mixed feelings about the lack of attunements, there are other things that sound really good to me. 10 man versions of the 25 man raids, yay! Still you keep the best rewards for the 25 man ones - that's only fair. This change should make the transition easier for a small guild trying to go from 10 to 25.

Another great thing is making the 5 man instances a bit shorter. It will be more friendly for people with families and other RL commitments. And the ones who are free to play as long as they want - well nothing stops them for running several instances in a row.

What about the Death Knight class then? Well, I don't know yet. I guess it will increase the tank supply, which is a good thing. And I see no reason not to start one for myself, it seems like a bonus for anyone of us that have a char past level 55. So why not use it? If I'll level it is an entirely different question. To be honest I think my first priority will be to get Larísa to 80. Only after I've done that I'll want to try out the new class and see if I fall in love with it, if I'll feel the urge to bring it up.

Oh those new pictures and glimpses from the new world, they're really tasty samples that make me want more of it. (Exactly what they want to achieve I guess). I can just imagine the feeling of leaving the well-known grounds of Outlands, setting course for an entire new world to explore. Yummy!

Still... as I've said before there's no rush to me. Please, please, Blizzard. Keep working on WotLK for a while... Give me time to see a few more of the bosses in SSC, TK or even beyond!

The Times They Are A-Changing. And there's nothing we can do about it. Just pray and hope it will take some time.

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