Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My 15 minutes of fame

It all happened this weekend. I had a look at Feedburner, just to check up on how many readers I had on my blog. Usually they're quite few in the weekends: Three or four at the most - maybe just a single one (me). Which made me wonder: do people only read blogs when they're at work?
So I was puzzled - to say the least - to see that I suddenly had 24 visitors. On a Sunday! Where did they all come from? I soon found out. Obviously time had come for my 15 minutes of fame. My blog had been mentioned by Matticus as "upcoming". For some reason my post about WoW as an onion had caught his attention.

Monday came and now my suspicions were confirmed: people DO read blogs as a distraction from work or studies. Now Larísas Corner had it's all time high number of visitors: 48 unique ones! I have absolutely no idea of how it compares to the Major Wow Blogs. Probably it's less visitors then they get any day of the year - New Years Eve included. But for Larísa it's huge.
People from all over the world - US, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Brasil...all entering this little corner of the WoW universe, to share my thoughts and company. It's kind of magic.

I often imagine my blog as an inn - or rather as a pub. A place where you sink deeply into a comfortable armchair just by a fireplace. Having a beer, sharing your experience, the joy and the sorrows of the day. Relaxing with friends in Larísas Corner.

This Monday the pub was crowded and cosy. I hope you all enjoyed it. I did.

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