Thursday, May 8, 2008

Things I've yet to learn at level 70

The other day I wrote a blog post about things that I've learned since level 1. Now I'll tell you about the things that I still haven't learned, no matter how stupid it will make me in the eyes of the readers. Yes, it's time for some more confessions from Larísa. Here we go!

How to win a duel
I've got a full epic mage, still I'm a disaster when it comes to duelling. Nowadays I challenge my guildies frequently since I really want to improve. And some of them are polite enough to give me a few seconds advantage to begin with. They let me sheep them for a little while since they know it makes me so happy. But if we're duelling seriously it always ends up with them sapping me, making me completely incapacitated for a while. And then before I know it I'm dead. Could someone please start a summer course of duelling? I'd definitely volunteer as a pupil. Oh, wouldn't it be sweet if I one day could own a guildie of mine in a duel, in a honest fight. Just once!
How to find my way in Karazhan
This one is embarrassing, but it's quite evident that my bad sense of orientation in RL breaks through in Azeroth as well. Though I've been there every week the last six months, I still fail to find my way and sort out what ramp leads to Netherspite and where to go to find Aran. I can orient in the lower parts, but the higher are just confusing. (Thanks god for warlock summonings).

How to handle DKP
Though I've been raiding for a while now I've never played in a guild using DKP. Which is good for me, since I'm pretty scared of it. I'm just such a lousy poker player, I know I'd be a loser at all times, I just wouldn't know when to bid and when to save. It's the same thing as in AH, I'm never the one that make bargains, I'm the one that other can make good affairs from.
How to act in Alterac Valley
I still haven't got a clue what to do when I'm there. If I'm not with guildies I just tend to follow the stream, though I instinctively think it must be wrong. Should we really be like flies, going for the sugar, everybody at the same spot? Wouldn't it be wiser to spread out a bit?
If I'm with guildies I do as they say and try to follow them, they seem to know what they're doing. The only problem is when I die at a different spot to them. Sometimes I manage to connect to them again, sometimes not. Oh, will I ever get out the complete noob stadium when it comes to Battleground? I guess 900 lifetime kills isn't enough?

How to mark and lead an instance run
One day I'll do it. It's one of those mountains that begs me to be climbed. Will I ever be ready? I guess the first step is to actually try to memorize how others mark up the mobs (not only executing the orders without thinking about them further). And to do some homework, looking up tactics on wowwiki. Although I've done all of the instances by now, it definitely takes more of knowledge if you're supposed to lead it than if you just follow.
How to do the bombing in Blade's Edge without getting shot down
I hate the bombing quest in Blade's Edge. I guess it's because it really sorts out the skilled players from the... well... less talented, like me. In theory I know I should fly in, shoot, and then quickly dive or turn either way. Just not hang around close to the cannon. Still I've never succeeded in completing that quest without getting shot down once or twice. Some people say it's easier if you've got an epic flying mount. Which I haven't. But I think it's a lame excuse. However I've given up that quest altogether now, with all the new dailies at the Island. Bombing Pit Lords and Sourcerers is a hell lot easier and less time consuming.
How to run, jump and hit a spot of my own choice
It isn't often, but every now and then in the game, you're required to make some precision jumping. Like a quest in Searing Gorge, where you're supposed to kill a bunch of elites standing around a pool of lava. Then you must jump exactly to a small step stone in the middle of that pool. If you miss it you'll die. And you can't just jump from a spot, you need to do it on the run to have the right speed to land right. Oh, what a pain it was. I remember ending up using some fire protection potion in order to complete it... In Slave Pens there's a shortcut you can use that also takes some precision jumping onto an ever so narrow shelf. I hate it when parties suggest you take the shortcut. Sometimes I reach it, sometimes I just have to deliberately drown in the water (where you land if you fail in your jumping) and get ressed so we can proceed. It's humiliating. I really need to improve my jumping skills.

How to make the best out of the addons I have
I'm just so lazy when it comes to addons. If I only could put in a little more time and showed ever so little patience I'm convinced they'd offer me so much more support than they do today. Take Scrolling Combat Text for instance... It looks just ... so messy. I'm sure it could be much cleaner, less distracting, without losing information value. The same with X-pearls that has a ton of settings I haven't bothered to check out. Or Arkinventory. I have just done a little basic sorting, keeping herbs, food, questitem and gear apart from each other, but I could surely do much better sorting than that. It's really stupid, why do I overload my memory with a lot of finesses I never ever take benefit from?

How to perform World PvPing
Being on a PvE server, there still seems to be some world PvP-ing going on. From time to time there's warnings coming in the chat. "The Horde has taken over...XXX!". That doesn't tell me a thing and even if I bothered I actually have no idea at all of what I should do. The question is: am I absolutely right in neglecting that stuff? Or am I really missing something?

How to survive as Little Red Hood
I hate that boss. I just hate him. Enough said.

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