Monday, May 12, 2008

Just a cry for joy

Oh this isn't any real blog post. Just a little outcry to share my pure joy after the progress we did tonight!

First we downed Void Reaver - a first kill for my guild as well as for me. He didn't drop any mage shoulders at all - but who cared? A dead boss is a dead boss!

And then we went to Zul Aman and had some really good tries on Jan'alai. The last one he was way below 30 percent, all eggs gone since long. We learned the drill with the eggs and the bombs (putting the camera so you see it from above and zooming out really helps a lot there - first time I've seen myself as an ant in the game) and I know for sure we'll get him next time we pay him a visit. We've really gotten to know that gentleman.

All my stores are empty after yesterday. Potions, buffood, elixirs - you name it. I ate mad alchemist potions like mad, giving away all my mana pots to the poor healers. And the repair bill was huge, armor down to 4 percent after Jan'alai. But who cares? To me this is was raiding is about. The learning process. Nothing in the world can beat it. I'd rather have 2 badges from Void Reaver and a huge repairbill as my only reward from 5 hours of raiding than 22 badges from the hundredth run through Kara.

I already long for next time.

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