Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I killed my mount

"Have you kept your first mount"?

A guildie put the question to me the other day, in response to another whining outbreak from my side, where I was cursing my constant lack of bag space. From the tone in his voice I could tell that there was only one acceptable answer: "yes, of course!".

Blushing I had to admit that I not only kept it, I even carried it around everywhere in the world where Larísa is going for her adventures. For what reason? I have absolutely no idea. Out of old habit or nostagia I guess. Now, taken off guard, I tried to invent a good cause right away, to be able to say something.

"Yeah. It's nice to have if you're boosting a low level alt in the guild with a slow mount. It's easier to be in company then".

The excuse was lame and I knew it. And so did my guildie.

"That's no problem. Walk a short way. Then stop and wait. Then walk again. There's no reason to keep it. You must clear bag space if you want to get gold easier (we had been discussing why I don't yet have any epic flying mount)".

He was dead right. It was time to take farewell of my old companion, the Blue mechanostrider. I felt it in my heart and I decided to do it right away before I grew soft and changed my mind.
So I went where I always go in Stormwind when I want to vendor something quickly, to the closest inn right beside the bank.

I was wondering how much I would get from it. This mount that had cost me such a fortune at level 40. What would it be worth now? One gold? 50 silver?

Believe my surprise when I found out what everybody else probably already know: the inn keeper just frowned upon me! No matter how I begged, no matter how experienced this bird was, knowing his way in every corner of the Old World. No matter how sweet he was (in comparison with the epic version, which in my opinion is rather ugly, to be honest).

She didn't want it.

So with a tear in my eye corner I decided to give my old companion killing blow. I trashed him right away, and on the question "are you sure" my answer was DELETE. For once I had taken a rational decision. I just hope it was the right one.

Still I want to send a little plea to Blizzard, if someone from them one day happens to stumble upon my blog:

Couldn't you please invent some kind of mausoleum for outdated mounts and pets? Somewhere to keep those creatures who have served us so well, just for nostalgic reasons? I would even be willing to pay 1 gold instead of getting one, just to know that my mount got a better ending than now, this heartless deleting.

We may need to kill our mounts, but at least we want to give them a decent funeral.

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