Thursday, May 29, 2008

A blog reader came to see me

Yesterday as we were making our way through the trash in TK, I suddenly got a whisper from an unknown person. It turned out to be a faithful reader of Larísa's corner, someone who had been lurking around almost since the start a few months ago, but never had showed up. Normally being a horde player on the PvP server Frostmane, he now had created an alt at Stormrage just to come by and say hello to me!

I was thrilled and in the drinking pauses between the pulls we chatted a bit, about things we have in common. Like the worries about the upcoming summer season, which can cause problems for all of us who still want to progress in 25 man raiding, who haven't given up on clearing more content before the expansion. We're now facing heavy competition from exams, vacations, sunny evenings with grill parties and other RL arrangements which tend to occupy players this time of the year.

Being from Sweden he agreed about my complaints that there hardly are any Swedish blogs out there - a fact which finally made me go English just in order to get some kind of blogging network. We speculated about the reasons for it. Could it be because of lack of female players? For some reason quite a few of the major WoW blogs - maybe even a majority in my opinion - are written by women. Are there too few female players in Sweden to support a blogging community? Just speculating...

Then it was time for Tård to say goodbye for this time. We had cleared the last of the trash groups and I really had to focus on the upcoming boss fight. He wished me good luck, well aware of the trouble I've had with Void Reaver, that I've written about in an earlier blog post.
I had been delighted at the visit. If the thing I write are interesting enough just for one single reader to come back over and over again, I've really succeeded. Actually I tried to talk him into starting a blog of his own... (Come on, I know you can do it!)

What about Void Reaver then? We oneshotted him for the first time. And I stood on my legs all through the fight, with the help of plenty of health stones, potions, bandages and double iceblock, since I still don't get away from the orbs every time. But still: I did it, and I even did some decent nuking this time. I was jumping with joy! Who cares then that I didn't get the T5 shoulders this time either? I felt clearly that I had made some personal progress, starting to get the hang of it, a little at least.

By the way I'm almost done with one of my hugest grinding projects ever: the translation of this blog. Out of 89 posts up to this date, only 7 are still in Swedish. I hope it hasn't all been in vain, but that someone will bother to back and at least read a few of the old posts. I'll be back trying to promote them a bit, once I'm finished. BRB...

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