Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Something short for a change

Sometimes I feel sorry for the readers of The Pink Pigtail Inn. Day after day you’re asked to wade through walls of text. I guess you grow tired from time to time.

It’s like I’m running a restaurant which insists on serving meals worthy a lumberjack, while the guests actually are pretty full and most of all just would wish a little, little piece of chocolate.

A few months ago a wave went through the Blogosphere, where all the bloggers suddenly started to produce wow-kus, little poems with a fixt number of syllables, 5/7/5. I did a few myself.

So today I’ll just give you a small intermezzo with some more kus, reflecting my everyday life in Azeroth. It will give you your daily shot of WoW-reading while you get some well deserved rest from Larísa ranting at the same time.
Tomorrow I'll be back with another huge post. See you then!

Fed up with info
About the next expansion
It’s way too early!

My rogue’s a cutie
But she cannot make portals!
I never get used

This pug is sucking
Can I pretend I DC:d?
Wish I was evil

I’m out of mana!
I can’t even hurt a rat
No one notices

I’ve had enough now
This gnome mount makes my ears ache
Let’s get a tiger

Lost in Exodar
Everything is transparent
But no way leads out


krizzlybear said...

Exodar is huge!
When in doubt, use a hearthstone.
Won't be lost again.

Anonymous said...

I’m very sorry
If I have infected you
With the ku virus

Once you have started
To think in ku syllables
It’s damned hard to stop

krizzlybear said...

I'm quite used to them
I'll give you a few pointers
They're outlined below:

[5 syllables here]
[7 syllables come next]
[5 syllables more]