Thursday, April 24, 2008

Time for some bad poetry

Beware all readers of Larísas corner! Today I''ll do just as the Spectral performers just before Opera event - I'll torture you with some bad poetry!The idea seems to have come from the blog Asleep at the WoW, it was picked up by /hug, and now I've been caught by this haiku fever myself.

The idea is to write WoW-related haiku verses, the japanese poetry form, that celebrates the principle "less is more". I think this is perticular useful to me, since I've got the nasty habit of writing just way too long blog posts.It's only one thing: when I started to write those haikus, I just couldn't stop, it was too fun.

So beware, here's a bunch of really bad poetry (my lame excuse is that it IS quite hard to write poetry in foreign language). Of course the themes of the haikus (or Wow-kus as Asleep at the Wow calls them) are picked up from the WoW life I'm living. Here we go!

Nuking Attumen
the fire mage took aggro
Iceblock saved her life

Nightbane takes a breath
We nuke the skeletons down
Soon we'll get badges

From Hogger we go
The end goal is Illidan
Killing all the way

Hinterland's shores
A pigtailed gnome is fishing
Turtles are watching

Doing my dailies
will make me exalted
atIsle of Quel'Danas

The sheep was broken
by a noobish elf hunter
Go invisible!

In the lair of Gruul
darkness was lightened
by my dear phoenix hatchling

Mages were nuke kings
until warlocks took over
Blizzard must hate us

A short version of an earlier post of mine, Owned in Arena:

Owned in Arena
Now I'm practising duels
to get my revenge

And finally some strategies for Magtheridon, which we had a nice first try on the other day. This is for lazy ones that think WoW-wiki is just a wall of text...

Kill the channelers
Then klick on all of the cubes
Beware of cave in

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