Monday, August 25, 2008

The heartbreaking farewell of a GM

I stumbled on a movie at You Tube the other day and it touched my heart and almost made me cry, this last message from a GM about to leave a guild falling apart.

Even though I don’t know the maker of this movie or anyone in the concerned guild, it says something about how at least I feel about the game and the people I meet there. So I thought I could as well share the link.

This is a love song to one of the top raiding guilds of my server, which recently broke down. There may be a few people around still wearing the guild tag, but what I know of in reality the guild is gone after quite a lot of guild drama which probably would qualify for the Guildwatch column.

It doesn't matter how or why it ended like it did. It's really not my buisness. The farewell is still brilliant. It’s a tribute to the friendship, the hardships, the adventures and experiences that this guild has been through during a long existence.

This guy really shows his bleading heart to the world. I can imagine that it seems a bit strange to players who’ve never been involved in a closely knit guild or raided at any extent. How can anyone get so emotional about a game?

But for me it’s very understandable. And I come to think about the epithet “hardcore”, which I guess people would use for this passed-away guild. I think it sort of gives you the wrong association. The very core of such a guild isn’t necessary as hard and cold as the word tells you. On the contrary. In the middle of it you may as well find a warm, pounding heart.

And here is the link:


Anonymous said...

Wow, Zeal disbanded? I wonder what happened. Quite a few of the old school raiding guilds have died since TBC was launched. TUS and Nightcrawlers to name a couple more, and now Zeal. It seems to be the way it goes these days. Hope everyone finds a new home for their characters.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... There seems to have been many things happening. Some wild thread on the realm forum can't really make me understand what. Accusations in all directions. It really doesn't matter (I don't think they're officially disbanded, but in reality...) But the thing is that no matter what has passed the pain of it must be real and very hard for those ones involved.