Sunday, March 9, 2008

Waiting for resurrection

Today I've got a confession to make. It happens that I get a bit lazy. That I'll be listening to that little snake whispering in my ear, and that I'll selfishly stay on the ground after a wipe in an instance. Actually good manners demand that you follow the healer running through the fogs, sparing the party a lot of waiting time by getting mana and health back quicker. But it happens that I innocently ask if it's alright that I'll stay dead. It's an insidious, sly question - of course I don't expect for a moment to get a straight and honest "no". (Well I did tell you I was making confessions today, didn't I?) While the poor paladin or priest will have to jog on his own I throw out a "brb" and go away, refilling the coffee cup, getting a banana to boost myself with some blood sugar, or saying a quick good night to the children.

Sometimes I've had good reasons for my staying behind, out of caring for the group rather than from being lazy. There are instances where I somehow mange to run in the wrong direction, even if I've got four party members, that really should be able to guide me right if I just simply put myself on "follow". As an example I was earlier hopeless when it came to swimming through the pipe in Zangarmarsh. I just saw a white blur, couldn't orient myself in the room, which resulted in that I somehow turned the other way, swimming up to the surface instead of entering the cave. Nowadays I think Blizzard has adjusted the pipe so that the swimming is easier, or maybe my swimming has improved. But earlier there were good reasons to res Larisa in the underwater instances, if you wanted to avoid a long waiting for her to find her way back.

Then there are moments when it seems cleaver to refrain from running, letting the healer deal with the resurrection, for instance when you've had a soul stone or with a shaman in the group. On those occasions it's always interesting to see how long your waiting will be, which order the Master of Life and Death will settle for. Not too seldom I'll have to wait for long, even to the last, for whatever reason. Maybe the size does matter? Pink pigtails or not, I'm not as easily found as a long and handsome human (racial discrimination!) Or is there a functioning system for bribing that hasn't caught my attention? Pay 1g and you'll be ressed first of all? Or maybe I'm just punished for bad behaviour?

Seriously I guess it's natural that the mage isn't the one you res first of all. Any sensible healer would obviously rather get up a partner, someone that can help them in ressing. So paladins, priests, shamans, no matter of spec are VIPs. But after that I would like to claim that the mages deserve to come a bit higher up in the res order than they generally do.

It's about time that we speak out, starting a resistance movement, fighting for Earlier Resurrection of Mages. I've already found an ally! The excellent blog colleague Resto4life recently wrote a memorable reflection on the res order. Without any hesitation she puts mages as number three, after other healers and druids (naturally, she's a druid herself). The reason is the mana consuming intelligence buffing.

I can only agree and say YES! Finally there's someone that has realized the extent of our suffering! To be honest, the mana cost has been lowered considerably lately, but it still IS time consuming. And except for that, we also have to selfbuff with some kind of armor, and maybe make another mana gem. Not to speak about the slow eating of blackened basilisk (tough meat, has to be chewed carefully). To res the mage last of everyone is to beg for a waiting time long enough to cook some more coffee. If you don't simply refrain from one dpser during the first pull after a wipe.

But if the mage should be prioritized, who should be ressed last? Of course the warrior tank!" Whatever you do, don't rez them first. If you do, they'll probably be dead again by the time you're done.", as Resto4life puts it. Its as true as it's said.

If they're dead you know where you have them, you don't risk them to rush over in a hurry, grabbing the next pull before you've even had mana enough for a buff. Let them lay where they are, poking their belly bottons. If they want to whine they can do it in party with a rogue, who also could be left for long. Sure, they need to apply poisons, but how long could that take?

Mages of all races and fractions, unite! The struggle for faster res has only started.

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