Thursday, March 20, 2008

A small step for mankind - a giant leap for Larísa

Actually I'm no friend of blogs whose mission mostly seems to be to show off different kinds of trophy pictures. I's about as interesting as it is to watch huge elk antlers in the hallway of hunters, or for that reason old cups from the local football tournament from 1978. Yawn.

But at this moment I don't care about those principles, after enjoying on of my best gaming experiences ever. I just can't refrain from putting up a picture of a triumphant Larísa in front of Gruul, that went down on the very first try. It's just a pity she looks so sulky, she obviously never heard that the photographer said "cheese".

For a very very long time I've cherished the dream to be able to try 25 man raiding, eventually the dream seemed to fade out in the far distance, and I kept wondering if I would ever be able to to this on this side of the expansion. But then my path took a new direction, and yesterday night the time had come. Not only did we take both of the bosses in Gruul's lair without any major trouble, once we had figured out the hard pull at HKM. I was standing on my feet the whole way! I didn't die once. No wonder I was turned into a happy, jumping little frog, once it was over.
And while we were still going, of course we couldn't resist the impulse to go and have a first look at SSC. Suddenly I was standing there, looking Hydross the Unstable straight into his eyes. It was absolutely surrealistic. We only did one try, since ten minutes remained of the advertised raiding time. He went down to 90 percent... a result I'm pretty convinced that we'll beat the next time.

It was a small step for humanity that we took this night. But oh, what a giant leap it was for Larísa.

I'm convinced that may wipe nights are awaiting us. And I'm looking forward to it! Because I'm on my way, I'm going somewhere. I've finally found the place where I belong.

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