Thursday, March 6, 2008


No, there was no Deadmines for real for Arisal. If you log in and suddenly is confronted by two offers to be dragged through by kind guildies, it's hard to turn them down. I could even be picky so I preferred being boosted by a paladin to a hunter, with my two latest runs through DM in memory. After all you risk to die and the walking from the graveyard in Westfall, down through all the tunnels, felt like an eternity, at least when you're close to the end of the instance.

Now it turned out that I didn't need a single res.. Miners, gnomes and pirates were literary glued to the paladin and the mobs were delivered in small, or rather large, neat heaps, only to loot. Or only or only. That is what's so laborious about being boosted. The looting that takes such awful lot of time, and that you just can't skip, partly because you need quest items, partly because you may make bargains, some nice garment or weapon that is really useful to you, well hidden in the loads of linen, wool and lousy, gray, worn equipment.

For being a level 19, Arisal had decept bagspace, over 60 slots, but it didn't take long until they were full, and yet she had panic posted loads of stuff to another char in order to make room for the run. Delayed due to a constant throwing and cleaning of the bags we finally managed to get to the master pirate himself. No, the Cruel barb didn't drop this time. But what did that matter, when I finally turned in the quests, the xp was pouring over me to that amount that Arisal towards the end of the evening had dinged 20, being close to 21.

The question is: has she really deserved it? Or is it cheating to get boosted? Shouldn't evry single xp be conquered through your own hard work, killing mob after mob? Yes and now I believe. If you're completely new in the game, you'll miss quite a lot if a nice friend of yours will help you to powerlevel by boosting you through every instance in the game. You won't learn a thing about instance playing and you won't experience the content in the same way as if you have to do take down the bosses the hard way. To boost a newbie is not to help them in the long run.

But I can't see anything wrong in helping someone that already has got a level 70 char to pull up another one a bit faster and easier. The whole game is about cooperation, to help each other whenever we can, no matter if it's about a group q or farming xp and gear in an instance.

Myself I've been boosting others a few times with my mage and I'd gladly do it again. It may seem a bit ridiculous, but there is something rewarding in being completely OP, to AoE dozens of mobs to death, seeing them falling into symmetric patterns. Once upon a time I was sneaking around in these areas like a fragile, scared little gnome, dying if someone even breathed upon me. Now the roles are the opposite. The revenge is sweet.

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