Friday, August 8, 2008

You and your healer – a matter of trust

How would you feel as a mage if someone mid fight was yelling at you:

- Come on, let’s nuke a bit!
- Throw some frostbolts, will you?
- Yeah, you should try to damage the mobs. Do that!
- Nuke some more, will ya? Throw an arcane blast. Now.

Honestly, I’d be a bit annoyed. OK, if there had been a “cease fire” because of some special fase of a boss fight and we then got a clearance to start nuking again, with a short “Nuke.”, then I’d appreciate it. It’s necessary for coordination. But some random yelling, where people would remind me about doing my job, would feel quite unnecessary. I would take it as a sign that they didn’t count on me doing my job. A declaration of distrust.

Crying for heals
Now, so far a scenario like this has never happened to me. But I’ve seen it too many times when it comes to healers. And I feel so sorry for them.

- Heal me! Heal me!
- No, heal ME!
- Why don’t I get any heals, CRY!!!!

For heavens sake, you guys who are crying for heals, what do you think the healers are doing? Do you honestly think the holy priest has changed his mind and now is nuking and trying to make his way up on the damage list? Seriously? Or do you think the paladin has gone on strike and currently is sorting his bags or chatting with his girl friend?

No. Probably not. Of course they’re healing. They’re doing their job, just as I’m nuking and the tank is tanking. We sorted out our roles way back in Deadmines, didn’t we? Just because they’re not healing you for the moment being, it doesn’t mean they’re not doing some kind of healing. Believe it or not – there are other people in the fight and maybe there even are players that are crucial to keep alive. Maybe the best thing the healer can do in a certain situation actually is to sacrifice the guy who’s yelling most for healing, to heal a silent key player and actually kill the boss.

And, crying boy, did it ever cross your mind that they maybe - for some odd reason – actually believe in your own healing capacity? Maybe the healer relies on you, thinking that you’ve brought some bandages, pots and healthstones to the raid and know how to use them?

Healers take decisions all the time. Good and wise decisions, I assume. Probably much better decisions than I could take myself from my single focused, non-healing damage-dealing perspective. I guess it happens from time to time that they do mistakes. Just like we all do. If they constantly seem to do those errors over and over again or take decisions that you just don’t understand – then you could discuss it with them afterwards, giving constructive criticism. But this yelling during the fight: “Heal me, heal me” – do you sincerely think it helps the healer? Especially since they probably don’t even know who this “me”, yelling is, unless they know you very well and can identify you by your voice.

The essential trust
I think trust is an essential ingredient when you’re building and developing a successful raiding team.

When other people put their trust into us, the natural reaction is to try to live up to it or even surpassing it. You feel responsible. You don’t want to fail.

On the other hand – when people openly distrust you by yelling “heal me” when it’s not necessary, they encourage you not to feel any responsibility at all. Why should you care? You will probably stop thinking for yourself and leave it over to others.

If you want your healers to improve; show your trust to them. And think about what you’re doing yourself. Are YOU doing what they trust you to do? Do you move out of dangerous green and red and fiery stuff or black holes quickly enough? Do you bandage yourself whenever an opportunity is given? Do you use your cooldowns wisely so you’ve got health pots available in crucial parts of the fight?

Because you know something? The healer probably trusts on you. The same way that you should trust on them.


Anonymous said...

here here... trust your healers... if you died, you were going to die anyway... get over it & hope you were doing well enough to deserve a battle rez.

On a side note, I often get told to dps more... especially during/right after than moment I pop invis.

Our raid group starts crying because all the dps is disappearing of the threatmeter.. Our Rogue feels the weight of the world on his shoulders...

Then I pop out and go off... then I hear the screams of GO, Go, Go.

Ghostboci said...

With my healer main, I had a macro I sent to the "heal me" guys. It was whispering "[Heavy netherweave bandage] is the healer of the DPS"

Of course I tried to keep those up who got AoE or an unlucky cleave. However I had and will always have a strict "no heals for aggro puller guy" policy. If he dies, I can find myself next because of the insane healaggro that can be quickly gathered with a NS-HT. This way he simply die and the monster returns to the tank. Noone has ever mourned the noob.

Loronar said...

I think most of the people who complain about not getting heals are those who don't understand there is priority in healing. I don't think I see healers just standing around. They're always healing. The only question is, who is the highest priority for them to heal?

Of course I don't have a healer, so all I said could be bogus...

krizzlybear said...

Mana Shield! Do it! Now!

or respec Frost, and get the even more awesome Ice Barrier!

3 more hours until work is over and then it's avenue q for me! have a nice weekend, lar!

Larísa said...

@gnomeaggedon Pop invis? Hm... Where did I have that buttom now again? Do you really use it? Oh, I forgot. Fire mage... You're just forced to save yourself.

@Ghostboci: I understand you. Never ever played a healer I still can imagine how annoying it must be.

@loronar: yeah, I don't really understand the mysteries of healer, but I really admire those of you who dare to take that pretty exposed role with the crazy amount of desiciontaking that goes with it.

@krizzybear, you just take every single chance you can to promote frost spec, dont you :). We may not write war posts everywhere, but there are little fights going on even in the comments. Have a nice weekend too and may you gain a lot of badges, honor, loot and have a blast whatever you do.

Anonymous said...

Forced to use Invis... well yeah on some occasions.. but it is still worth the panicked tone in my mates voices when the realize one of the top dps has disappeared off the meters... because that usually only means one thing... I died.. so it's nice to come back.. especially when i turn that 5 second out of combat into a meter rocking burst of damage.

The healers are probably away that I am alive and kicking, but I think the tank and dps are watching the threatmeter rather than health bars, so it's nice for a laugh

C alli said...

I've been known to spend perilously long cruising around that 120% threat mark. It's a little game we Fire mages play with our tanks, who'll blink first? :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yes, trust your damn healers. They know you need a heal and if you aren't getting one it is because the Tank needs it more.

Recently on vent, I heard my guild doing a guild WSG run. In it, the flag carrier was screaming to our PVP resto druid, "Heal me". After each time, she would say, "I know."

When he started again to say it the next go around, I said on vent, "Hey, she knows you need one. Relax."

Not another cry for heals again.

Larísa said...

@breana: It's been annoying me for quite a while now and finally I had to let it out of my head. I really feel sorry for the healers whenever I hear it. And that's way too often. I think some players aren't even aware that they're shouting. They sort of do it by instinct when they see that they're damaged. But they really should try to learn to shut up. Or use push-to-talk and NOT push. They could yell as much as they like as long as others don't have to hear it.

Yunkndatwunk said...

wait, woah people yell in vent for heals during raids? wow.

When I was raiding our RL had a "no yelling for heals" policy that would get you a warning and if you didn't stop you'd get replaced. It was great.

I usually just ignore it in pugs or BGs. They are just suffering anyway. When on a dps class I'll make fun of people in BGs who complain about heals. "somebody just got added to every healer's ignore list" etc.

Larísa said...

@yunkndatwunk: yeah, I've heard yelling for heals in vent and TS in different guilds. I guess though it's quite typical for casual raiding. Recently I've tried raiding a bit more seriosly and trust me, noone yells for heals in that environment.