Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dampen and amplify magic once again

The other day I wrote about my somewhat forgotten buffs, dampen and amplify magic. As I had hoped for I got some clarifying comments. And even better: Critical QQ made an excellent follow-up post, going a bit further into the maths behind those spells, giving support to the idea that it’s really worth it applying it to the raid, especially amplify magic.

He thought he had seen some kind of list of encounters where you should use those buffs. I did some googling and what I came up with was a thread at the Elitist Jerks forum.

On page 5 in this discussion there is some kind of compilation, though of course someone immediately questions a few of the statements in a posting below the list. Well, EJ is a sort of think tank after all, you’ve got to cope with the fact that there always is a “but” or “on the other hand” if you’re looking for advice at EJ.

Anyway reading this thread and the maths by Euripedes I come to the conclusion that I should probably apply amplify magic more often than I’ve done in the past while in raid and dampen magic more often while soloing.

This is really an example of why it’s so rewarding to run a blog. You actually learn stuff. Thanks everybody who contributed!

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