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How to gear a rogue to prepare for raiding at level 70

Yes, I know this title is a bit odd for being a post at The Pink Pigtail Inn. Isn’t this supposed to be a mage blog? Or well, at least it’s supposed to be a fake mage blog – a blog, which is listed under the department for mages at the Twisted Nether Wiki, but normally is pretty general (to put it kindly) or unfocused (to be honest) when it comes to the topics.

So why suddenly a post about rogues? Well, I think I’ve mentioned a few times that I actually have a little rogue alt, which I’m secretly in love with and do plan to level up one day, and maybe even try out raiding with, if I get the opportunity. She’s cool and quite different to my mage and gives me a lot of challenges and entertainment. Just the way she does her back kick is great fun to watch.

Arisal’s currently level 45, so it will take a while before she’ll see Karazhan or any other raid instance. But when she gets to 70 I’d really like her to be more in shape than Larísa was when she was in the same situation. I want her to have decent gear and a plan for how to improve it from there.

Lazy as I am I turned to Zakesh, who’s been playing rogue insanely many days. Since he also loves to make gear plans (actually he always has a plan for level 70 for every char he starts, ready from level 1. Planning the gear is half of the fun of the game, according to him) I thought he wouldn’t mind making one for Arisal.

The other day I got the result, so now I’ve got a well thought out to-do-list from level 60 and above. Then the idea came to me that this list is pretty handy for anyone planning to level and gear a rogue. So why not share it? Perhaps there are some other secret rogue-wannabies out there in the same situation as me.

So, enjoy! Here’s the gear plan for Arisal, delivered by Zakesh:

Questloot - Guaranteed Loot –Level To Get It

Head - 67
Helm of the Claw – reward from The Warlord’s Hideout, quest in Steamvault.

Neck - 64
Earthen Mark of Razing – reward from Gurok the Usurper in Nagrand.

Shoulder - 67
Expedition Scout Epaulets – reward from Fel Embers in Shattered Halls

Back – 64
Delicate Green Poncho – reward from Bring Me The Egg! Quest in Nagrand (sigh! Have to use the Jump-a-tron 4000 again. So annoying. Larísa’s remark)

Chest – 58 (Special mentioning)
Darkstorm Tunic - Hellfire Quest Reward from Drill the Drillmaster in Hellfire (if Alliance, other quest if Horde)

Chest – 68
Proctectorate Assassin’s Tunic – Reward from Arconus the Isatiable in Netherstorm (Green)

Save This One – If you ever want to tank there is nothing you can get that compare.
"Auchenai Monk’s Tunic – Reward from Everything Will Be Alright in Auchenai Crypt (Keep in Bank)”

Bracer - 68
Spymistress’s Wristguards – Reward from The Soul Devices in Shadow Labyrinth

Hands - 68
Gloves of the Nether-Stalker-–Reward from Dealing with the Overmaster in Netherstorm (Green)

Belt – 67
B.O.O.M Operative Belt – Reward from Retrieving the Goods in Netherstorm (Green)

Legs – 67
X-52 Pilot Leggings - Reward from Back to the Chief! in Netherstorm

Boots – 59
Sure-Step Boots – Reward from Weaken the Ramparts in Hellfire Ramparts

Ring – 67
Band of Anguish - reward from News of Victory– in Shadowmoon alley

Ring – 68
Slayers Mark of Redemption – Reward for Dissension Amongst the Ranks… in Shadowmoon Valley

Trinket - 63
Terokkar Tablet of Precision – Reward for Torgos! in Terokkar Forest

Trinket - 58
Bladefists Breadth – Reward for Overlord in Hellfire.

Rep Items
All the blue rep items are worse than quest items linked above except the legs from Revered Consortium that might be an alternative if you farm that rep. SSO Neck is worth it if you’re grinding the rep.

Heroics loot – Epics, great if you get them, not worth farming for
Black Morass – Girdle of the Deathdealer
Old Hillsbrad – Nightfall Wristguards
Arcatraz – Shadowstep Striders
Magister Terrace - Sunrage Treads
Blood Furnace – Mantle of Shadowy Embrace
Shadow Labyrinth – Master Thiefs gloves

Badge Gear - Order
Boots(60) Nyn'jah's Tabi Boots – Amazing
Legs (100) Trousers of the Scryers' Retainer – Amazing
Ring(60) Angelista's Revenge – Great
Chest(100) Tunic of the Dark Hour – Great (Alt LW)
Bracer(35) Master Assassin Wristwraps – Great (Alt LW)
Belt(75) Belt of the Silent Path – Good (Alt LW)

When you have spent this many badges you probably have the Kara options for neck and cloak which is equal or better to badge gear.

Cloak(25) Blood Knight War Cloak – Good
Neck(25) Choker of Vile Intent– Good
Trinket(41) Bloodlust Brooch - Good
Head – No, just no

Leatherworking Gear
Primalstrike gear (Chest , Bracer , Belt)
Total mats
18 Heavy Knothide
14 Primal Might
3 Primal Nether

Cobrascale Hood (Headpiece) World Drop Recipe
6 Heavy Knothide
10 Cobra Scales
15 Primal Air
15 Primal Shadow
1 Primal Nether

Weapon Progress Path

Lv 60 – Wardens Hammer – Reward for Escape from Umbrafen in Zangermarsh
Lv 60 – Sedais Blade – Reward for Makuru’s Vengeance in Hellfire
Lv 66 – Fistweapons from exotic weapons vendor in stormspire
Lv 70 – Shattered Sun Revered – Sunbreaker, Inuuro’s Blade
Lv 70+ - Merciless Gladiator Swords.

Halloween – Horsemans Blade

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