Monday, July 21, 2008

Introducing my co-innkeeper

I see an upcoming trend in the Blogosphere: several bloggers are currently introducing or looking for guest writers. It could be interpreted as a sign of fatigue, that the original writers get a bit tired from time to time and want some assistance to keep the blog going and new content incoming at a good pace. But you can also see it as a wish to broadening the content of the blogs, making them more interesting and varied by adding new voices. It’s also a great way to let people, who’ve got interesting thoughts to share but for some reason don’t want to run a blog of their own, get the opportunity to meet an audience and try out the wings of their thoughts.

Anyway, I’m doing the same thing now, introducing a guest writer, who will appear whenever he has something to share – and maybe he’ll also serve from time to time as some kind of stand-by innkeeper when Larísa’s off for vacation (at least that's what I secretly hope, dont tell him...). I’ve asked him to contribute, simply because I like his writing and because it will add some new spicy dishes into the menu of The Pink Pigtail Inn – bring you some other flavours from the game than the ones Larísa can offer. A little more of salt to this rather sweet blog. And since he doesn't want to run a blog of his own, I thought this would be a great match.

So soon you're about to meet Zakesh, who’s been playing WoW since the beta and currently is playing on the US server Stormrage. He’s a 30-something years old gamer with a huge experience not only of WoW but from other online games. With his rogue he’s cleared Black Temple and started on Sunwell. He’s also got a T6 raiding shaman, and has raided with most of the other existing classes.

In his posts you can probably expect a more hardcore approach to the game than I have. Maybe you’ll also get some good theorycrafting. It’s a specialty of his; if I ever wonder anything about how to spec, gem, enchant or anything that’s got to do with theories and maths – I just ask Zakesh. He’s sort of a WoW Encyclopedia in human form.

The posts by Zakesh will be labelled properly, so there won't be any risk for confusion about who's the author of a post. But seriously I think there won't be any doubts about it, since we're so different from each other.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy his writings and treat him well!


Anonymous said...

Another reason to keep coming back...

2ndNin said...

:P wonder if his work will be as interesting as yours Lar.

Be good to have more content, since I suck at writing my own :P.

Back soon to read more

Softi said...

Look forward to reading some of his content... same way I always look forward to yours. :) :P

Anonymous said...

US-Stormrage... Aren't you on EU-Stormrage?

Larísa said...

Correct! I'm on EU-Stormrage, Zakesh is on US-Stormrage. Weired, isn't it?

So this is definitly a Stormrage blog!

Captain The First said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging.
I might have to strangle you if you start in with the whole WotlK beta too though hehe