Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How about a Bad Achievements Window?

This new Achievement feature in the expansion has really made it into my head. Last week I suggested some achievements which I thought should be rewarded, in My Alternative Achivements window. I got some great ideas in the comments from my readers, so I’ll keep working on the list!

There are so many ways in which you could play around with the concept. Another idea struck me the other day while I was reading Gnomeaggedon’s post Post Curator Black Hole, where he wrote about the terribly annoying habit some pugging players have to suddenly disconnect right after the Curator fight, if they didn’t get the drops they wished for. Do you think those guys would behave in the same way if it was somehow recorded in a Bad Achievements Window? After doing the same thing 10 times you’ll be Apprentice dc:er. The 50th time you’ll advance to Expert.

In this Bad Achievments List you could also see titels such as: Master of guild theft (demands that you clear the guild bank, gquit, leave the server and change name on your toon, all of it within 12 hours).

Of course there will be a number of Ninja achievements available, from grabbing nodes right in front of other players to misusing the masterloot option in a pug, or to openly robbing other players, pretending to be a crafter and then steal the mats.

On a second thought, of course, I realize we won’t see it. After all, we all make stupid things every now and then and it would be rather awful if there was no way to put those things behind us, if they would chase us to the end of the game.

It also gives me a bad taste in my mouth; it would make me feel supervised. Which I guess I am already in one way or another, but I don’t want it pointed out to me.

But the major problem is there are quite a few players out there who probably wouldn’t mind at all having their bad deeds appearing in such a window – they’d see it as a sport to complete as many behave-as-a-badass quests as possible. It’s the sad truth.

So I guess we’ll have to stick to the traditional way of keeping record of stupid players who behave badly: remember their names and put them on ignore.


Green Armadillo said...

The sad part is, some of the PVP achievements will reward, or at least encourage, less than selfless behavior (e.g. players who are not suited to running the flag attempting to do so for the achievement).

Anonymous said...

undead rogues. enough said

Anonymous said...

I think if it was like ebay, where you only get awarded for one comment from per toon (per period), and the bad comments/rating decayed over time it wouldn't be so bad.

Yeah.. I think there would be some out to reach the highest level of pain giving (I have played with a few that were intentionally screwing over the raid to increase their infamy).

But I think on the whole, most people would be so upset about getting one bad rating they would strive to get 10 good ones.

I think also if it wasn't an anonymous rating system (ie. you know "I" gave you the bad rating) then there would be an opportunity to find out why... and change.

if you don't, well there is still /ignore

Zupa said...

theres a cool mod you can get that maintains a friends / foes list for you. It allows you to put comments against each saved player and it will warn you when you see them.

can't remember what it's called but im sure a quick search on curse would turn it up.

Larísa said...

Hm. never thought about that. What if I got a Bad achievment rating? I would rather quit the game than live with it, no matter if it was anonymous or not.

A mod that warns against stupid players? Sounds cool. Would be even better if it could tell you by instinct, that you didn't have to give it any input... :)

Just like Solaranalarm, the whole screen just flashing: warning, stay away from that player.