Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going to Mount Hyjal - almost

Your ordinary innkeeper is going away for another vacation trip, this time to the Swedish version of Mount Hyjal, a truly epic place in my opinion. This will really be a ritual of refreshment!
I'll be back in a week, and during my time off there will be a couple of posts upcoming, so maybe you won't even notice my absence. I think Zakesh will come up with something as well. But no comments from me in a while, just in case you're wondering.
The Battle of the Mages will have to go on without my participation. Please all of you arcane collegues out there, prepare yourself! Now it's your turn to defend our talent tree against the coming attacks from the fire and frost fractions. I trust on you!

See you later.




krizzlybear said...


have a good one! for the mage battle, i'll try not to blast arcane too hard (pun totally intended).

Loronar said...

I hope there's not Archimonde trying to destroy the trees there. :)

Anonymous said...

Bring back some Phat Loot!

Larísa said...

Thank's all for the greetings!
It will take some time before I'm back into the battle, but give me a few days.

I've learned quite a few things, hiking, thinking about how you could use those experiences in WoW... Probably an updoming post.
Does that count as Phat Loot?

Apart from that I've looted some pretty good pain in my muscles from riding a horse for the first time in years. Actually I regard it as a kind of debuff. It's strange our chars don't get it, no matter how many hours they spend mounted.