Sunday, April 6, 2008

Time to make decisions

Larísas Corner had it's two months anniversary the other day and I still find the same pleasure in writing it now as when I started. Still I feel a bit lonely from time to time, thinking about the amount of readers I have. According to Feedburner the average is about seven unique visitors a day, that each spend about four minutes watching the blog. Of those readers I guess one of them is myself. A few of you write comments from time to time - and that means a lot. Except for that I don't know much about you, but I guess that most of you are current and ex guildmates. You live in cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Örebro, but also under more exact addresses like Hägersten, Ursvik, Svedmyra, Kungshatt and Vänersborg. A few foreign visitors have also found their way to the blog, probably by mistake after using search engines.

Now I've started to question if this is the right way for me to go. After all the very idea of a blog, at least in my world, is to have some kind of exchange of ideas, discussing with your readers, interacting with other blogs. And there certainly isn't any overflow of decent Swedish WoW blogs. At the same time there's a huge and strong Wow blogging community in the English speaking part of the world. I just feel a bit isolated where I am.

Still I'm the first one to defend the Swedish heritage and the Swedish language, and I'm convinced that I write both faster and better in my native tongue.

The question is: should I change language and switch over to English, hoping to attract a few more raders and get a better dialogue with other wow bloggers out there? Or should I forget about the statistics and just keep enjoying the writing, no matter if anyone else take part of it?
I don't know the answer yet, and that's why I'm actually going to ask you readers, you seven... well six out there, that follow Larísas world for advice. What do you think?

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