Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rawr - my new best friend

It's been five days since the badge vendor opened his shop on our realm, but we're still spellbound by it, aren't we? Oh, all those shiny new epics, and you keep counting your badges, wondering what to pick first. It isn't easy to make the choices. How should you compare the gain of damage to the loss of crits? Evident for hardcore theorycrafters perhaps, but not to plain players like me. We're all a bit scared of making mistakes. To put some hundred badges into a piece of gear that you one week later realize wasn't much of an upgrade at all, and that you really should have gone for something different...

On the premier day I went for the boots immediately, but I just couldn't my mind what to do with the next 160 or so badges that are still in my bank... What should the next goal be? And the one after that?

Lucky enough I've got a game friend who is much more of a theorycrafter then myself. He's got that engineerish mind, counting on everything to make things in a more efficient way. I kept begging him for advice until finally told me to download the program Rawr. "That's an order", he declared. So I did, without any further discussion. When he orders me to do something he's usually absolutely right.

And now I want to spread the word: do as he says, at least if you're lucky enough to have a mage, warlock, druid or retadin, which are the classes that are covered by the program.
This program is absolutely brilliant, it's a tool that helps you to compare and optimize your gear. The interface is so easy that even I can handle it, (and that's says a lot!). You just download your char from armory and then you can start trying out how your dps would be affected if you changed something, whether it's a piece of gear, an enchantment, a gem or a buff. It can clearly point out to me if it's wiser for me to buy that new dagger at 150 badges or if I should better take the gloves and the ring at 135.

And there's lots of more things into it, you can check out spell rotations as well, try out new talent builds, whatever you could wish for.

The only bad thing I can see about it is that it's sort of hypnotizing, time flies and suddenly the hour you had intended to go making your dailies has been spent on pondering upon your gear. You can really get caught into it. On the other hand - I'm pretty sure it will help me and save me time in the long run to have a clear picture of what upgrades I want, what goal to put up for myself next in the game and how I should make the best combination of the gear that is available to me right now.

Rawr - I hope you'll always be there for me as a personal counsellor, someone to trust when I'm all confused about my gear. And as always in this wonderful MMORGP community, it's all for free, thanks to those dedicated, generous people that keep developing things for nothing in exchange but our gratitude. In this case the name of the hero is Astrylian of US-Whisperwind. Cheers for you!

If you want to try it out yourself, here's the place to dowload it.

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