Saturday, February 2, 2008

Welcome to my new blog!

This blog will be about my second life. The life I live inside World of Warcraft in the shape of the gnome mage Larísa, born on Kul Tiras, nowadays living on the Stormrage server. I don't quite know where the blog will go. Maybe it will just be a few diary notes which no one but me will ever read. Maybe it will catch the interest of a few more people.

Most of all it's a way to get out a few of all those things which are bubbling in my head. All the impressions, the questions,, the experiences I've had along the road. A lot of things happen in the virtual world. When you think about it its not ONE game, but many, there are so many ways to see it and play it.

So... welcome to meet WoW from the point of view of Larísa.

A little about me:I started to play WoW in the beginning of 2007. My main is a lvl 70 mage, dedicated to PvE. Playing in group is the best thing I know, no matter if it's in an instance or in a raid. I'm not very hardcore though, I find the social dimension in the game more important than gear and stuff. And my RL doesn't allow me to raid more than a couple of times a week.
Privately I'm pretty mature, that will say that I recently turned 40. I have two kids, who don't play WoW, but are quite annoyed that their mother (me) is doing it with such an enthusiasm. So mostly I try to play late, when they're gone to bed.

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