Monday, February 11, 2008

To open the Christmas gift on beforehand

Well, now they have set loose the 2.4 patch at PTR and all of the forums and news pages I read, like Wowinsider, are filled with informations and discussions about what to expect. If I've understood it right you only need to download a client to your PC, make a copy of your char and then go there, starting to look around. To explore the Sunwell island today.

And I must admit I'm a bit curious. I read the blue threads in the WoW forums, written by Blizzard employees, telling us a bit about what's to come. Good nes are for instance some kind of portal to Caverns of Time, saving us the seemingly endless trip to Tanaris every time we want to run Black Morass or Durnhold. Another happy piece of news is that there will be new stuff available to buy for Badges of Justice, something which is very welcome after running Karazhan ever so many times.

Less necessary, from my point of view, is that you no longer can bring more than four stacks of mana bisquits. I think the reason for this is that you want to avoid ninja situations at BG. The problem is that you sometimes want to take some cookies for someone coming late for a raid. And they you would rather have six or seven stacks than letting the table be wasted.
This kind of information is as much as I need to satisfy my curiosity. It helps me to plan my playing in the future, I now know for instance that I can keep collecting badges, rather than buying an item which isn't such a big upgrade, just to spend them on anything.

But that is as much as I need. My before hand looking doesn't go any further. And to be honest I can't quite understand what makes others to enter the test realms and play their way through all of the new content.

Well, there is one thing I can understand. If you're an ambitious raiding guild, fighting with other guilds to be number one on the server. In that case it could obviously be smart to try out strategies on the PTR, so you're ready when the patch arrives for real, and seriously can be a competitor when it comes to be server first on the new boss kills.

Another reason could be if you're really crazy about theorycrafting and want to tune your spec and favourit spells, make tests and compare, which you can do at PTR without having to pay a fortune to change your talents.

But for us ordinary people, who don't see the game as a race, but as entertainment and relaxing.... Who aren't obsessed by getting the very last percent of dps out of our chars.. What's the point?

I can't help thinking about children waiting for Christmas Day, finally opening their gifts. They keep begging, asking thinking, doing anything they can to know what's in the boxes in advance. But deep in their hearts they don't want to know. Because it is kind of disappointing when the wrap is so thin that you can see through it what's inside. When the last Donald Duck movie (a Swedish tradition - about 80 percent of all Swedish families watch Disney Cartoons on Christmas Eve) is ended and you can throw yourself to the gifts, the whole moment of thrill and excitement is gone. In best case you get a "yes" or maybe a "well...". If you compare it to the YES!!! which you feel about a package that contained something you didn't expect.

When it comes to me I'll try to keep away from the candy that is coming soon. We'll be able to taste it long enough once it comes. Because no one knows for sure how long we then will have to wait for the expansion.

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