Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Time for romance

Valentines day is getting closer. I remember last year, when I recently had started playing. To begin with I didn't understand anything from it. Why on earth had the poor little woman, standing freezing in that layer - the most ascetic inn in Azeroth - in Westfall suddenly a huge intensively pink heart above her head? Soon enough I got the hang of it and began to appreciate those little packages with buffing chocolate that you could get if you were lucky when showing love to the NPC:s. But I was way to lonely and shy to dare to exchange rings with any other player.

It was at Valentine that it dawned upon me that things happened in the game throughout the year. That time didn't stand still even here, that days came and passed. I was completely fascinated, a fascination which remains this very day.

I was equally amazed another day, when suddenly tent were raised on a meadow outside of Stormwind. They were building and fixing, it took some time to do it, and my curiosity grew - I went there every now and then to see what would become of it and - suddenly there it was, ready to open, The Darkmoon Fair. I went around, speaking to all kinds of strange sellers and artists and didn't understand much of it. The items they asked for I had no idea of how to get.

But I was enchanted!

Being a curious little gnome I couldn't refrain from looking and touching everything. I remember clicking some strange object, something which was immediately punished when I suddenly was stuck in some kind of trap. Oh, I was so frustrated, being completely unable to get loose! I tried in vain my escape artist spell until it eventually wore off by itself. Still this very day I haven't understood what happened.

The special arrangements really add an extra flavour to the game, especially since they from what I've seen change a bit from year to year. Honestly I must admit that I don't do every quest that is offered. I still haven't completed the moon festival. And I've only got one of the cute little pets you can get at the be-kind-to-parentless-kids-event. Often there are other things that catch my attention - instances or, simply the urge to collect gold.

But the very knowledge that those special arrangements exist - a possibility to be a bit childish when I get some time over - makes me happy. And I'm evenly happy about the colourful, silly decorations, which make me feel like I'm invited to a party.

Valentines Day is awaiting us. Of course I'll get some nice chocolate, perfume bottles and romantic picnic baskets, giving myself a break in the monster killing. After all it's only one time every year we get the chance.

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