Monday, August 3, 2009

We interrupt for this message

“I know you don’t like to put up this kind of stuff on your blog…”

The whisper came from my beloved guild leader. He sounded apologetic.

I assured him there wasn’t any problem, even though The Pink Pigtail Inn normally is a commercial free zone.

“Most bloggers do that kind of posts when they’re in need, like we are now. I’m sure the readers will forgive me. And besides I’ve give my word to our recruitment officer that I’d do it”.

Successful recruitment
So here I go once again, putting up a recruitment post. How could I refrain from it? After all I was very successful last time I did it, back in March.

One of the regular readers of PPI, a mage, read it and ended up transferring servers in order to join us. He turned out to be absolutely awesome, both as a player and as a guildie. (A way much better mage than I am to be honest, but I’m old enough to handle it.) He was the kind of player who just fits in so well right from the beginning that you think you’ve been playing together forever, rather than a few weeks. A lost jewel, finally coming home.

I think he was as happy about the transfer as we were. Recently we had a discussion thread in our forums where people wrote under the header: “I love Adrenaline because...”

And this is what our PPI recruit wrote:

“...People actually use the planner properly and are generally reliable

...We get a raid team 99% of the time we have a scheduled raid

...We progress well despite "only" raiding 3/week

...There is enthusiasm for alt runs/achievement runs

...You can almost always find help with whatever you need

...On the rare occasions we do have bad raids, the leadership deals with it sensibly

Some of you may take this stuff for granted...but believe me, it’s not in every guild!”

This sums pretty well what makes Adrenaline such a good home for people with a certain kind of mindset. Our raids are generally well structured and efficient (the focused silence was a bit scary before I got used to it), but outside of them, the environment is lighthearted and relaxed. And the schedule isn’t worse than that you can combine it with family life, friends and career.

What we need
I guess it’s about time now that I tell you what we’re looking for. We’re looking for tanks – one or two, preferably a warrior and/or a DK. This is indeed a demanding position, so you need to be up for it, looking at gear, experience and mentality.

Unfortunately Blizzard hasn’t done anything yet about the barrier between the continents, and the faction changes aren’t coming anytime soon as far as I know, so you have to be an Alliance player on the EU side (We’re residing on the Stormrage realm, which is flagged for normal PvE).

Our main focus is 25 man raids, three nights a week, where you’re expected to attend at least two. The other nights we’re often running 10 man runs and alt runs for whoever is up for it. We’re doing some hardmodes in Ulduar, so you shouldn’t be completely opposed to achievements and hardmodes. Yogg-Saron is still on his feet in 25 man, but I would be surprised if we didn’t get him rather quickly, as soon as we’re back to normal raiding after the summer vacations are over.

Well, I’ll try to keep this message short. But if you would like to become my guildie or know someone who you think could be a good match, check out our recruitment post on the Blizzard forum. You can also visit our website and our forums where there’s an application form.

End of message. Blogging will soon go back to normal. Promise.

If you’re wondering about my whereabouts, I’ve had a blast exploring Paris. This was followed by a week of new PC problems (a never-ending story as it seems), which have kept me away from blogging. When you read this I’m climbing some mountains. Elnia has surely done a great job keeping the inn going, so I don’t think you’ve missed me too badly.


krizzlybear said...

Hi Larísa! I'm leaving a message from an airport in Xi'an, China. Hope everything is going well. I'll be sure to stop on in again when I get back, but unfortunately, my plane leaves in about half an hour. Have fun in Paris!

We Fly Spitfires said...

Good luck with the recruitment and have a blast climbing those mountains!

thedoctor said...

I'm jealous

be safe!

Anonymous said...

Well i do hope the PC probs get sorted, and that you find a decent Tank.

P.S. Does this post mean you WILL put one about something NOT Wow related? :P


Lerbic said...

I'm the mage recruit from last time Larisa advertised on her blog, thanks for the kind words Larisa...I'm almost blushing here !

To add to the stuff written already, I can say its a great guild to be in, I was made to feel very welcome right from the start, and included in guild activities straight away. I am very happy with the move, and have no regrets whatsoever about joining

So any EU players that think they might like to raid with us....and you can fit with our wont regret it !

Carra said...

Weird to see the sudden need for DKs. You could pave the streets with them at the start of TLK.

Good luck finding some guys who like being hit :)

Stumps said...

Larisa, you're a star!

Dwism said...

Just level that druid some more Lar, and show em how its done!! ;)

(having too much fun in my own guild, otherwise you would have gotten an apply, so your clever strategy works!)

Fitz said...

I'm a healer, not a tank (as you've seen), but I'm sure you will find someone great.

And we do miss you terribly, but we know you will come back completely refreshed and ready to sling blog entries and fireballs at whatever gets in the way of the PPI. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

@fritz writes,

"And we do miss you terribly"

Probably me most of all.

Rivs said...

Well if you were on US servers I would definately join up...and horde.....and needed a mage.... Yeah if you were all that stuff, I would so join up. LOL!

Well good luck with the recruitment.

Anonymous said...


thank you Larísa! You are an angel :)



Larísa said...

@Krizz: /waving! What an adventure your're onto. I'm envious!

@We Fly Spitfires: I'm back and it sure was a blast!

@Thedoctor: thanks!

@Cacknoob: nah, I want posts on the PPI to be at least somewhat WoW or MMO-related. Now I'll just have to figure out a way how to write about my awesome horse riding tour on the mountain top, associating it to WoW... mount as mount? But I've done what you told me to - having some fun challenges outside of the game. Hope you're doing fine as well without the IF bridge! I'm sure you do.

@Lerbic: hear, hear.... I'm glad to have a thirdparty who can give a testimony I'm not lying.

@Carra: thanks! Such a shame you've left the game. Not feeling tempted to bring your DK back to life?

@Stumps & Dizzy: awww... Don't know if it will result in anything, but at least we all have to do whatever we can. There surely must be a good tank looking for a good guild somewhere.

@Dw-redux: I'm glad I at least managed to tempt you. And no, my druid is to become a tree one day.

@Fitz: thanks! I'll try to get back to writing again now that I'm back, although I honestly feel a little bit lazy in the summer heat... we'll see what I can do.

@Elnia: /hugs!

@Rivs: well, a little bit too many obstacles to overcome there, even considering the changes Blizzard are planning...