Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My guild is looking for more

I’m sorry for spamming this blog with guild recruitment ads, but I really need to since we’re quite low on people currently and we don’t get much result from using the ordinary recruitment channels. Everyone needs to help out the way they can, and this is my contribution.

So to put it brief: we’ve got some open positions in my alliance guild Adrenaline at Stormrage/EU (PvE). We’re looking for experienced tanks – DK or warrior and for ranged dps: a balance druid, a mage, a warlock and two elemental shamans. A rogue would also be welcome.

If you know your stuff, are geared to do all of Ulduar (we’ve downed Yogg 25 man and are working on some hardmodes), if you’re comfortable with a raiding schedule of 3 times a week, with minimum 2/3 attendance, and if you enjoy a serious raiding environment where we mostly keep the smalltalk out of the raids not to lose focus, feel free to apply!

This is a link to our website and this is a link to information about how you make an application for us.

That’s all I wanted to say. Back to ordinary inn small talk.


River said...

Bah...play on US servers!

Magma said...


Anonymous said...

pick me!! pick me!!!

Cacknoob (aion player and wow player (again))

Anonymous said...

Good luck with recruiting. (omg, people asking for prot warriors!) Actually Larisa, maybe post something at tankspot if you are looking for tanks? Loads of them read it.

Larísa said...

@River: :(

@Cacknoob: what would CC say then? don't think they'd let their own pet go that easily.

@Spinksville: Our recruitment officers are using all sorts of channels for recruiting - probably Tankspot as well. But it really isn't an easy thing to do these days - we're deep into an expansion and most serios players are already happily guilded.

But of course we won't give up. We all do what we can and somewhere, one day I'm sure the people who belong here, without yet knowing it, will find their way to us.

Shawn Holmes said...

If you'd like to add another guild recruitment tool to your belt, take a peek at http://www.wowlemmings.com/, which collects up posts from various fansites, as well as the wow forums, listing only those people that are looking for a new guild. It might give you a hand. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Larísa for another topic about our recruitment! You are truly a star :)
At the moment we use around 6-7 tools to get in contact with the needed classes ( also including wowlemmings and tankspot but thanks for the heads up Hanzo and Spinksville :) ).
It appears most people that say they want to transfer servers, chicken out last moment and decide to give their current server/ guild another chance. The paid transfer with the unknown future on the new server are still huge step for gnomekind to take :S