Thursday, April 9, 2009

Serving some mage poetry

I’ve never ever in my blogging life seen so many memes going around. There are currently more meme posts than there are original one-and-only posts. I think many bloggers feel a bit stuck at the moment. Progress is slowing down, we seem to have reached a phase where guilds are farming the content they’re able to farm and giving up about the rest.

It’s not like the pre-expansion apathy last autumn, but not far from it. Bloggers lack content to write about; they're just waiting for the Patch to hit. So what do they do? They clinch into those memes as precious pearls, providing you a topic for one day.

The latest meme in the row was started by Fimlys at Asleep at the WoW. He revived an old topic of his, namely asking us to write haiku-inspired WoW poetry. This time it’s supposed to be class related. Critical QQ did this one last week and required his fellow mage bloggers to do the same.

Actually I’ve posted WoW haikus twice in the past. (Here and here if someone wants to read it all).

A few of the poems I wrote at that time had mage theme. Considering how few readers I had at that point I’ll reprint them here.

Mages were nuke kings
until warlocks took over
Blizzard must hate us

The sheep was broken
by a noobish elf hunter
Go invisible!

Nuking Attumen
the fire mage took aggro
Iceblock saved her life

I’m out of mana!
I can’t even hurt a rat
No one notices

I admit they are a little bit outdated. Aggro problems aren’t quite as common as they used to be in TBC; I think they’ve strengthened the aggro building abilities of the tanks a bit. Warlocks have been nerfed a bit. And we don’t have any reason to fear some crazy shooting from hunters breaking our sheep, since we don’t sheep in the first place.

Anyway: I don’t want to only serve the food of yesterday here, so I made up a few more, better adjusted to the current game:

Farewell to sheeping!
All we do is aoe,
portals and cookies.

We’re nerfed to the ground
- but will be compensated:
Polymorph rabbit!

Nuke, nuke, nuke, iceblock
Nuke, nuke, nuke, invisible
The fire mage song

Mid fight evocate
- giving me a leisure break
from main nuke spamming

What about the tagging then? Nope. Feel free to join if you want to.


Pangoria Fallstar said...

I'll see what I can come up with, for my Shaman blog, I choose to participate :P

Cassini said...

Argh! Spam has infiltrated us during the absemce of Larisa to ward them away! :(

The inn receives spam,
Fear not! Larisa returns!
Then spam shall be gone.

Pangoria Fallstar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pangoria Fallstar said...

Link isn't working :(

Zakesh said...

Im suppose to keep some of the spam away but am lazy so dont check as often as Larisa. :)

Rich said...

Double You Tee Bee
Moar Chuck Norris K Thanks Bai
Slash Leave Trade Channel


Sargeras said...

They say I'm evil
After aeons of boredom
They'd burn planets too

Larísa said...

Larísa is back
From her skiing vacation
Spammers will die soon!

Thank you commenters!
Your haikus are plain brilliant
I’m proud of you all

Apsaras said...

ttw/fire mage here. I'll try my hand, this looks fun. :)

Can I get wisdom?
Guys? Please, don't pull without it!
OOM in three minutes. :(

Let's draw straws, mages.
Drat! Mine is the wrong color!
I have to cast scorch.

Focus Magic time!
Dozens of raiders clamor
For delicious crit.

Time to Evocate.
No! Void zone under my feet!
There goes that cooldown...

I'm an Irish mage.
It's the same thing in both worlds.
Fight, drink, fight, drink, fight!

"Use your healthstones, guys!"
I can't, it shares a CD!
"Learn to play, nub mage."

Mage's sweet revenge
For endless TABLE NOW cries
Wintergrasp portal.

That was fun.

Larísa said...


You are a poet!
I loved your haikus deeply!
Time to start a blog?

Apsaras said...

Thank you very much!
Starting a blog could be fun...
Hmm, I might do that. :D