Monday, November 3, 2008

Suggested: Achievement set for WoW bloggers

“Bloggers should create our own set of Achievements”, Loronar wrote in recent comment at The Pink Pigtail Inn.

What a great idea! I thought and started to ponder a bit upon it. Why couldn’t we put up some goals for ourselves – serious and challenging as well as easy and silly ones? It could be about quantity as well as quality and impact.

We could also find up a few titles of our own. The fresh blogger could call himself “The Noticed” after getting his first comment from an unknown reader ever (an epic moment in the life of any blogger, trust me). After you’ve become established and made your first personal appearance in Twisted Nether Blogcast you could proudly introduce yourself as “The Twisted” And if you’ve managed to get noticed and get some link love from Matticus, you’re obviously “The Matticized”.

Here are a few more ideas, some of them connected with titles:

  • Get a link in the blogroll from one other blog
  • Get a link in the blogroll from 25 other blogs (Title: “The Linked”)
  • Get a blogpost cited by WoW-Insider
  • Get a request from WoW-Insider to become one of their regular column writers (Title: “The Star Reporter”)
  • Get 10, 100 and 1 000 subscribers to your blog feed (yourself not being one of them). (Title at 1 000: “The Bestseller”)
  • Make a suggestion at Blog Azeroth which is elected as the Shared topic of the Week
  • Write 10 Blog Azeroth Shared topic posts (Title: “The Shared”)
  • Get your blog listed at Twisted Nether Wiki.
  • Write one post in each of the following genres: List, Angry rant/opinion, Diary/personal, Educational, Humour/Silly. (Title: “The All-rounder”)
  • Write a guest post at five other blogs. (Title: “The Generous”)
  • Write a blog post in the form of a poem. (Write 10 poetry blogposts and you get the title: "The Poet".)
  • Get 1 000 comments on your blog.
  • Get 10 negative comments from one single post. (Title: “The Provocative”)
  • Go over to self hosting and get a web address of your own. (Title: “The Independent”)
  • Write 100, 200, 500 blogposts (Title at 500: "The Chatterbox")
  • Get 10, 100, 1 000 unique visitors a day (Title at 1 000: “The Adored”)
  • Celebrate 6 months, 1 year and 2 years as a WoW blogger. (2 years gives the title: “The Immortal”)
  • Get an invitation to attend Blizzcon for free as a media representative. (Title: "The Bribed" (nooo, just kidding :))
  • Get an invitation to participate in a panel at Blizzcon as an expert commenter (Title: “The Blizzed”)
  • Appear at the bloggroll of Blessing of Kings. (Title: “The Blessed”)

Further ideas
Have you any further suggestions for blogger achievements? Feel free to share your ideas in a comment! Perhaps we should award certain points to different achievements. And at 1 000 points you get a special greeting and applauses in Twisted Nether Blogcast?

We could also set up a set of achievements to be kept at the Blog Azeroth forum, as a source of inspiration and motivation for any blogger who feel that they’re running empty?

The idea came from Loronar. I’ve developed it a bit further. Now it’s time to turn over the baton to the next runner.


krizzlybear said...

ahahahaha the blessed! I love it!

Light bless him, his class has gone through so much these past few days.

Cosmos said...

These ideas are great.

Get 1, 10, 25, 50, 100 troll comments on your blog.

Title at 50, "the Trolled".

Post ten entire blog posts devoted to an alt that is not your main (really only applicable to specific class blogs). Earn the title "has a Hunter".

Anonymous said...

Dear Larisa... stop reading my mind ;-)
I have notched up a few achievements that fit quite nicely!

Gevlon said...

I will definitely won't reach too many of these achievements. I will keep on just writing stuff I like, not caring about shared topics or where-am-I-linked, nor I will write about personal stuff. Just boring goblin ideas :-)

Anonymous said...

Only you could have come up with such an extensive list. I love them. =D

Anonymous said...

@Krizzlybear: as a matter of fact it IS a blessing to be on his blog roll. It's by far where I get most of my linked visitors.

@Basil: great addition! Do you really get troll comments? I haven't had one yet, maybe I'm lucky. Loved the title "has a Hunter!" (could also be "has a druid, considering a few mage collegues who've joined the cult for animal transformations)

@Gnomeaggedon: You should know by now that we have an invisible mental cable connecting our gnomish minds. Engineering ftw!

@Gevlon: perfectly logical. I'm not dead serious about the list, which I hope you understand. It just amused me to play with it a bit.

@Loronar: thank you for your approval! I looked at your blog wondering if you would make such a list yourself, but since I didn't see anything I thought I could have a go at it.

Fish said...

How about an achievement for "the voices" - write at least one post about each class in the game, for those of us who have too many alts.

I cant imagine blogging about Wow for 2 years. Mostly because I just started and I have no idea how much longer I'll be playing.

Anonymous said...

@Larísa: I propose ideas and topics for discussion. I'm not creative enough to develop them fully. :)

Green Armadillo said...

There should be an achievement line for deleting gold seller/power leveling spam comments. On the one hand, they're irritating, on the other you know you've made it when your page rank gets high enough that it's worth spammer's time. :-/

Anonymous said...

We need a Feats of Strength category. One such achievement could be going one, three, and six months without a single subscriber. With it, the title "The Ignored." I'm going for gold, baby!

Anonymous said...

I created a 50-post achievement for myself a few weeks ago... because I think I deserved it ;).

I even made a little picture for it.

It´s on my blog. The post is "Anniversary". Direct linking doesn´t seem to work.

Anonymous said...

@Fish: wonderful idea. The altoholic blogs deserve some recognition.

@Green Armadillo: I buy that one. What title? "The Exterminator"?

@Devv: oh this category definitly needs to be buffed. Loads of achievement points to the bloggers who stick out even though the audience havent found them yet.

@Arthak: you did this! And it's way over a month ago... And I didn't see it. Bah. I feel ashamed. I've added you to my roll now and wrote a little comment. You're noticed!

WTFspaghetti said...

lol..I like this idea. I just started my blog last week so I would be pretty excited if I get the title "The Noticed"

lol...good read

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. I will probably steal them and make a post, linking to this one of course. I already have accomplished a couple of these. Now I want more.