Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why you should open the achievement window even if you hate achievements

First of all I must confess that I haven’t been caught by the achievement fever, which currently seems to affect most of the server population.

When I first open the achievement window I got pretty disappointed. For all the work I’ve put into Larísa, concentrating on my main as long as I’ve played, I only got 105 achievements out of 750, adding up to 1050 achievement points. I hadn’t even explored one single area decently. And all those instances I had completed that suddenly seemed to be unknown territory. If I would get anywhere at all with this stuff I would have to put endless of hours into redoing things and I couldn’t bare the thought of it.

It’s like having an album of stamps or pictures of movie stars that is mostly empty. It’s no fun to go on collecting if you see that your chances to make it at least half full are infinite small.
So for now I’ve given up entirely about achievements; I’ve put the album away and I won’t look at it again until I’m 80 and overgeared and have run out of content. But to be honest I think the chances that that day will ever come are rather small. Right now I’m busy doing other stuff, as levelling my rogue to 70.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t question the existence of the achievement system. It seems to be a huge success and loads of players think it’s fun and that’s OK with me. I don’t even mind the frequent announcements in the guild chat. I’m a curious gnome and I think it’s nice to know what my guildies are up to. (Though I must admit it currently is almost all about one thing: exploring every single little distant corner of the world.)

Look at the statistics
But even if you like me have decided to stay out of the achievement industry, there may be a reason why you should open the achievement window anyway. I don’t suggest that you look at the achievements (or lack thereof). What you should do is to click on the tab that is hidden behind: statistics. There you’ll find an amazing bunch of figures about your character.

Unfortunately it seems like this feature can’t trace events earlier than the patch, which is a bit sad. It would have been interesting to see how many mob’s Larísa has killed in her lifetime. She’s had 765 kills just in a few days, and then I’ve spent most of my gaming time on my rogue alt or messing around with the UI. She’s been resurrected 4 times, she’s eaten food 18 times and used only a couple of mana potions.

Socially I really need to improve. 1 hug and 1 wave is way too little, considering that Larísa supposed to be a kind and friendly gnome. If you want to keep track of your crit records you don’t have to use special addons for that anymore. It’s all in the statistics (13 617 is my record so far).

And if you’re a goblin minded businessman you can also have a deeper look into how much gold you earn and from what sources and where your expenses are.
A thing that made me a bit curious was that I according to this statistic already had entered 1 25 man raid instance and 2 5 man dungeons in WotLK. I wonder how I managed to do that and why I don't recall it at all? Spooky. A case for the X-files perhaps? The truth is out there.

Larísa's birthday?
With the patch only a few days old this statistics is yet rather empty, but it surely will become more and more fun to look at as time goes by. And to anyone who’s starting a new toon: congrats! You’ll get all the statistics right from the beginning.

Now the only thing I miss about Larísa is her birthday. It would have been nice to know exactly what day she was created. It surely must be somewhere in the records of Blizzard. Why can’t they provide is with that piece information? It would mean a lot more to me to know so I could treat her with a birthday cake, than the surplus information about how many times she’s played the world’s smallest violin.


Anonymous said...

Ha, they defintely have that info, just try /played

But yeah.. that would be great... log in to WoW accompanied by the strains of "Happy Birthday to You" and find a birthday cake in your mail box...

Great idea Larisa!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about that? What I recall it gives you the amount of time you played, not her birthday... but I may be wrong. It was ages since I did that, for some reason the amount of time played gives me the creeps... ;-)

Put it in the statistic log book and we don't have to see the other stuff then.

Gevlon said...

I've been thinking about archivements for a time. What I think about them is too long for a comment, so this will be the next day's post on

Larísa, you keep on creating ideas for my next-day-posts. /hug

Anonymous said...

I agree with the birthday as my priest would be 3 this year but no idea if it is sept, oct or nov.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! I would love to know the birthday of my and other's characters. I could really put that Chocolate Cake recipe to work!

I'm one of the achievement-oholics (no idea how else to put it) out there. My anal mania forces me to do them in chunks. Like if I'm going to be exploring I'll get the candy buckets in the area and keep my eye's peels for critters to /hug or rares to kill. :D

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon: great post! I agree.

@Desdarii: go read Greedy Goblin an you may resist it.. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the anti-achievement post haha. Achievments are making people do some pretty pointless things like exploring the world. I'm not too big into the vanity things in the game, but I found my self doing extra things just to get an achievement. Good thing I only plan to go for one achievement title, "Chef", by doing the cooking ones. Only because it is rare since almost no one likes to level cooking, let alone do achievements for them. I have made thousands of gold with cooking and plan to stick with it.

Anonymous said...

/played tells you the amount of in-game hours, not the amount of real-time hours,as far as I know. I think there may be something on the main WoW website under character management that tells you when the toon was created. Not sure, though.