Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cravings for Cryolysis

There’s a lot of talk about addons these days. And no wonder. We’ve all got our favourites that we’ve become so accustomed to that the game seems weird and broken once they aren’t there for us.

I got some essential mods like Bartender, Omen and Bigwigs to work decently pretty fast, so I guess I could be worse off. I also found a new one, MSBT, a scrolling combat text, which gives me warnings when Hot Streak’s proccing, which is a great help for a fire mage (yes, I joined the pyromaniac forces, at least for a try).

But one addon is still missing and it breaks my little mage heart every time I log in and it isn’t there for me. It’s a companion as faithful and essential as pet is to its hunter or an element to a frostmage. I’m thinking about Cryolysis 2.

Saves buttons
If you’re a mage and you’ve ever tried it out you know what I’m talking about. Being a mage you’re supposed to find space for quite a lot of buttons if you don’t want to have to mess around with your spellbook every now and then. You have numbers of buffs to handle, you conjure gems, bread and water in different forms. You have portals and teleports to many cities. And you have several mounts, like everyone else.

With Cryolysis you bring all those things into one sphere with some small round buttons around it where you can left-, right- or middle-click. This will save you loads of slots on your actionbars. Of course you could achieve the same effect by making a number of macros, but in Cryolysis you get it all done for you.

Time after other I find myself moving the cursor in the direction of the place where Cryolysis used to be. And then I realize it’s gone and I sigh and open my spellbook and try to figure out how I’ll squeeze it into my actionbars.

Cryolysis 3
Now, I’ve finally found out that there is a project going on to replace it. Belazor is working on Cryolysis 3. You can follow his work at Wowace. There's a Beta version up but it weems to seem so bugged that I don't dare to pick it up yet.

Some bloggers have installed applications counting the hours, minutes and seconds until the WotLK release. If there was a countdown timer for the Cryolysis 3 release I’d rather be staring at that one, waiting for it to turn to zero.

So dear Belazor: I hope you’ll sort things out and release the ready shiny new Cryolysis as soon as possible! I’m craving and crying for it and I know I’m not the only one.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya on Cryolysis, definitely. I used the original for ages, and now with the new patch, the button menus are stuck in the out position with it and 2(I upgraded to 2 in the hope it'd be fixed, but...), and it's turned into an obstruction. Frustrates me 'cause I have to either go into the spellbook or put my favorites on my bars. I don't have any room on the latter, really, so I settle for the spellbook.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I use Cryolysis' sister mod, Necrosis. Having used Necrosis for almost all the time I have been playing WoW (which would have to be almost 2 years now), I am really having trouble getting along without it. It tidied up so much space on my bars, and managed little details that I rarely think of anymore. Necrosis hasn't been updated since BC, and I don't think anything further is going to be done with it. Shame, really. :(

Anonymous said...

@Saresa - Necrosis is fixed, just has an issue with the shard numbers not showing up. That and its buff / dot displays have always been poor. I love the layout saving use of a circular mod, and would have one for every class if I could.

Anonymous said...

@typhoonandrew - if you like a circular interface, I suggest the bar replacement mod, Macaroon. I use it in lieu of Bartender3 and Necrosis to create circular bars with button paging (so clicking alt, ctrl or shift opens up a new set of buttons).

I still use Necrosis for the Nightfall/Backlash/Immune warnings, but the graphical components are hidden on my UI.

Anonymous said...

@RJ, yes, my bars are pretty full, which is a bit embarassing since I show six of them in Bartender. Right now I've put for instance portal to shatt on the bar, but not portal to other major cities since I make them more rarely.

And at everyone else reading: A beta version of Cryolysis 3 has been released and can be downloaded at Curse. However when I tried it it was broken, didn't work at all. A strange homeless buttom showed up in the middle of the screen and couldn't be moved. The sphere could be moved but didn't work.

I think I'll wait for a while longer until they've done some further versions before I try it again. Maybe it will help if I delete the Cryolysis 2 addon from the folder?

Joel said...

You could give Autobar a shot - it's not as mage-specific as Cryolysis but it might fill your needs. It puts things such as ports, food, mounts, and quest items on a nice little button bar.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I have the same problems.. its currently the 8th, I'm not sure if you have a more recent post about Cryolysis within your blog for I am lazy and found this on google, but I have a temporary solution for Cryolysis 3. My problem is that half of the buttons keep disappearing. What I've found out, because I like to talk on aim, and play WoW and watch house all on my computer at once, is, that when you go to window mode it makes them all reappear! I've also noticed, if you were originally in window mode, and go back to full screen they come back again.. So here's the solution broken down.

Start WoW -->
Log in -->
Log on to your toon -->
Set to window mode -->
Set back to full screen.

Should work out great! The buttons themselves aren't buggy at all, its just the load error that I've noticed really doing it. For now, I'm going to keep using my method because it seems to work best.

Hope this helps you feel more at home! :D

Anonymous said...


Actually Cryolysis 3 has been released now and I've installed it and it works properly, so I'm a very happy little mage. I don't know if your problems come with the number 2 version or if you've tried the next generation.

I think its wise to erase the Cryolysis 2 from your addon folder when you install the new one.

Hope it will work for you!