Saturday, April 5, 2008

The worst photographer in the world

When you think about it it's a bit strange that it should be so hard. Theoretically it should be a piece of cake. Turn your noses in the same direction. Make sure you can see a few bodyparts of the fallen boss. Zoom the camera in or out to the suitable distance. And print scr. Twice to be sure, if someone happens to blink (I've experienced that). It shouldn't take more than half a minute, at the most.
Still it always seems to fail in one way or another. I leave it open if the reason is that it actually IS hard to take wow pictures or if Larísa simply is the worlds least talented wow group picture photographer.
Yesterday I had another go at picture taking, after a lovely night in Zul Aman. We had easily downed three bosses - Nalorakk, Akil'zon och Halazzi, of which the two later were new scalps in my personal collection. We were quick, efficient, focused and cooperative, and all of this in spite of the fact that one of the tanks was a rookie in there. I was utterly happy. Of course I wanted to save the moment for ever by taking a picture.

But what happened when the Lynxx boss was down? Well, of course one in the party logged out, immediately. Well, he had a good reason for it, it WAS kind of late, rather morning than night to be honest, since we started so late in this spontaneous run. He was forgiven.
Worse was the trouble to get a good positioning. Just watch the picture above. We're really doing our best to stand in front of each other. Our bouncy hunter is als ostanding, jumping hysterically up and down (maybe a cleaver strategy if you want to be noticed). And myself I've found a kind of weired, twisted angle, that has the effect that no one is looking into the camera. You don't see anything of the boss, except for the knee. This is an awkwardly bad picture. It only lacks a chopped head to cover all the newbie mistakes.

The close up pictures I sometimes take during the loot distribution (as usual nothing dropped for me tonight, but the rogue that got The Savager's Choker was the happier.) are slightly better. In the picture below at least you see the head of the lynx, and it looks kind of cool. But what happens in the background? People strolling around like confused chickens, in all kinds of directions in the picture. Speaking about focusing...

No, it's about time to let Larísa take some lessons of photography. Surely there must be some intelligent advice written in a blog or a forum out there. And I'll keep on experimenting with the UI settings. I haven't yet decided whether to show the names of the players. On one hand you can't honestly say that the bluish tags above every head are beautiful. On the other hand - how on earth are you going to remember who took part in the event and what happened if you don't have them. They're necessary for achieving the right nostalgic effect.Hopefully the readers of Larísa's corner will see some kind of progress in the months to come. Even the worst one can always improve a bit.

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