Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting stuck

There are many ways to get stuck into the game. You can get stuck in your levelling, losing the inspiration and the interest for your character. You can get stuck in progression in your guild, doomed to perpetually gearing up players in Karazhan and then just see them move ahead into guilds that are already into 25 man raiding.

You can get stuck being snared by mobs or other players (unless you're a gnome, haha.) Or you can get stuck just simply playing to much, forgetting about time and other duties in life.
But today I'm talking about getting stuck for real, physically, not being able to move your character in any direction.
Do you ever get stuck? I do it just too often. I don't know if I partly can blame it for being gnome - maybe we're so short that we somehow manage to get our bodies into small spaces that the game developpers never intended you to enter? It's a part of the ongoing discrimination of gnomes. Escape artist is just a joke.
Most of the times when I get stuck I'm in ghost form. I don't know why, but probably I get a bit careless, wanting to pick up my body as soon as possible, just quickly moving ahead, not looking where I'm going.
There are two spots that I know get me into trouble and still I do it over and over again: one is the spiky sort of area that you jump down to when corpse running to Gruul, the second one being the ruins when you're on your way from the graveyard to the instances in Terokkar. Don't ask me how I do it, but I do get stuck i these places. And I suck at wall jumping, so it usuallly takes me a while to move over.
I even have a faint memory of being so stuck once (not in one of those places thoguh) that I actually gave up and wrote a GM ticket about it. That was humiliation. But it helped.
Sometimes I get stuck alive as well. There are som tricky places there as well. One of them is when I'm licking the wall just above the stairs after the aoe:ing on the way to Maiden. There's some kind of obstacle there that catches me almost every time I pass.
I' m happy to say though that I'm not alone in my habit. On the picture you see what happened to a guildie of mine the other night in Zul Aman. If you look closely you can see there's a rogue, Chirocrazy, that has got stuck under a leaf. I wasn't there to witness it myself, but what I heard he was soon followed by others. The minute after the picture was taken our curious druid tank just had to check out what it was all about. Could he get stuck as well? He could. So could another priest, but he actually managed to get free quickly.
I must say the story made me very, very pleased. Getting stuck is obviously not only a habit of me. And I definitly wouldn't have got stuck on that leaf. For once being a gnome would have saved me from the humiliation.

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