Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Would you like to be my guildie?

I normally don’t accept any ads in my blog. But today I’ll make an exception. This is not a real blogpost, it’s an advertisement. My beloved guild Adrenaline has lost a few members recently. Currently we’re short on ranged dps of all classes except mage. We're looking for 2 hunters, 2 warlocks, 1 elemental shaman, 1 shadowpriest and 1 boomkin druid.

Now you could wonder if there’s something wrong with the guild since we’re losing people? I assure you: there isn't. We’re a fantastic team and the drop outs haven’t jumped the ship for other guilds. We’ve lost them to this odd existence outside of Azeroth called Real Life. They’ve simply stopped playing (which makes me wonder: is this a general tendency we're seeing? Has the game finally started to lose more players than it gains?)

Anyway: Adrenaline raids three times a week and you’re expected to attend “most” of them. We’ve had some nice progress during the last couple of months and most of the content is on farm. We’re working on Sarth+3d and hope to get it done before the patch hits.

Our home is at the Stormrage server, EU. You’ll find further information about the guild and what we expect in our recruitment ad and on the guild website

That was what I had to say. Thank you for your attention and don’t hesitate to spread the word if you know a nice and skilled EU-player who’s looking for a new home. Now back to blogging!
Edit: apparently we're not just looking for dps. We would also be happy to get another healer or two, preferrably druid or shaman.


Scotty said...

"a nice and skilled EU-player who’s looking for a new home"

Actually, I know guild is on the verge of collapse (same reason, people leaving, and not recruiting enough to compensate) so a rl friend and I are looking for a new guild

Problem is we're a mage/holy pally !

Bah !

Hu said...

It's a good job I don't have any of the class you need at 80 or I'd be seriously tempted to transfer :)

Good luck with the recruiting.

Kromus said...

Oh for you guys that may be intrest i have to add that we have our "most" attending 25 man raids- but their are surplus of 10 mans at night, day and its the best game environment i've ever been in.

Your looking at another Guildie of Larisa! Great Ad- i think WoW is mostly losing people such as students really Larisa, people who arn't yet established.

I think WoW has the "When somebody dies, a baby is born" kinda thing- hehe :).

Dizzy said...

Larísa you're an angel for putting this up on your blog!!!
And of course we will except also exceptional applicants from classes who are not in the list
(* wink to Scotty*)

Ixobelle said...

wah... I can't xfer to EU can I...? Gah. I'd love to raid with some members of the blogging community, I think it'd be awesome. Hatch ( has a battle hardened guerrilla unit of 12 members that has like everything 10 man on farm, but my schedule is still just in the crapper by being in Japan. I head back to the states in May, though, so maybe I'll be able to actually raid like a normal person (at night, instead of waking up early on saturday morning to make the friday night raid)


Eishen said...

Now, this IS a real temptation, sharing Arcane Blasts with mighty Larissa would be a pleasure.

Being horde, not speaking quality english , yopurs being a PvE server and loyalty to my mage apprendices and guild mates forbide me from jumping, but I am sure it will be very interesting.

Good luck in your "quest" for new menbers.

Larísa said...

@Scotty: I'm not the recruiting officer, but as Dizzy says further down, we always welcome exceptional applications...

@Hu: thanks!

@Kromus: Well, the babies aren't exactly ready to raid. But yeah, hopefully there will be more people incoming. Or guilds will have to merge. I don't think we're the only one lacking people now.

@Ixobelle: judging from what I've read by you I think you would make an excellent addtion to us. Such a pity, this Wall making it impossible.

@Eishen: oh, I forgive you for not applying, I think you have reasons enough... But it surely would have been fun to greet an old PPI reader into our ranks!

Cassini said...

Almost enough to tempt me back to playing! Leaving aside the fact I'm a mage of course! ;)

Scotty said...

Hehe, well, "exceptional" is a big word, and a lot to live up to, but as both of us have a good CV from tbc I dare say we might just qualify....
I'm seriously, seriously considering it !

thelyse said...

I think it's the lack of interesting content that makes RL more important than wow life.