Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Realm Clown retires

I don’t know how many players my server hosts, but I guess there must be thousands. Most of us lead very anonymous lives. Even if you’ve made yourself a “name” after spending several years in different raiding guilds, I doubt that you’ll be recognized by more than a couple of hundred people, at the most.

There are exceptions though; the players who manage to put such a big spotlight on them that you just have to notice, even if you try not to. Cacknoob was one of those players.

A Realm Clown
Just the name tells you all, doesn’t it? Ugly as it is, I bet he had picked it on purpose, just to get attention and annoy people, his favourite occupation. I haven’t got much experience from playing at different servers, but I can imagine that every server has a handful of players of the same kind as Cacknoob. A Realm Clown.

No matter at what hour you logged in, you could bet Cacknoob was online. Probably that could explain his odd behaviour – I imagine he was somewhat speeded from a combination of lack of sleep, Red Bull and ultimate boredom with the game. He seemed to spend almost every single moment of his online time, filling the Trade channel, constantly arguing. If he didn’t argue with other players, he found ways to argue with himself. Mostly he seemed to hang around in the major cities, preferably at the bridge in IF. But it must have happened a few times that he actually played the game.

I remember when I joined a realm PUG for AQ40. I was shocked to see Cacknoob in it. A legend in my raid! Apparently he did something more than chatting, after all.

Now, this kind of extremely attention seeking people can be rather annoying. But for some reason I could actually put up with Cacknoob. He could be rather funny and entertaining from time to time. There were pearls hidden in this endless stream of rubbish coming from his mouth. And even though the trade channel surely isn’t intended for general chatting and abusing, I didn’t really suffer from it. On the contrary, during lonely gaming sessions when I didn’t have any other company but my non combat pet, I rather liked that there was a voice in the night there, even though it was rather crazy.

A farewell letter
So I was rather surprised the other day when I found a farewell letter from Cacknoob on the official realm forum. Apparently he has taken a break from WoW, or even left the game altogether. And even though people have loved to yell at him in the trade channel, urging him to shut up for once sake, he’s got quite a few farewell greetings from people wishing him good luck in real life, saying that they’ll miss him.

I can’t help wondering how his real life will be. Where will he now unlash his energy, after all this time spending it in the trade channel? He seems to be looking forward to it himself: “Woot I get my life back!” as he puts it.

You sure do, Cacknoob. I bet someone else will take the place as the Realm Clown. It’s a spot that needs to be filled. You have served us long and well, and now you need a break. Get yourself out in the sunshine and enjoy!


Kiryn said...

Yeah, we definitely had a few on my server. One of the most famous, a rogue named Lemhar, actually joined my guild and raided for us a while in T6 back in BC. I haven't seen him around much... I wonder where he went?

Ixobelle said...

Daggerspine (my original home) had a rogue named Plagueface that made himself the official rep of DS. He rolled alts named Plaugeface and would beg for runs thru RFC for 60s who didn't know of him yet, or after transfers to daggerspine were opened (hello blackrock!).

He'd offer 10g for runs, then when a 60 would zone in and start to round up all the trogs, he'd pelt them over and over with snowballs until they died, then zone out and begin asking for another run.

good times.

Carra said...

Cacknoob is gone? :( He gave WoW that little bit more character. And always fun to see lots of guys arguing in the chat channel. Although I can not help but feel that being online *that* much must mean you're wasting your real life.

As for stormrage, we had Bagga! The cute pink haired, low level gnome mage who was a part of IF bridge decoration for a loong time. Could find him there most of the time. So yes, I was very surprised to see him in a party with my alt doing some group quests in Stranglethorn. He does play from time to time! So he doesn't stand in If all day :)

kyrilean said...

Arathor(US) - Neemo

Probably on more ignore lists than anyone can count. Only encountered him once myself. Think he left the group once he realized I had him on ignore.

Drazmor said...

The trade channel on my server varys from mindless spam to religous debates. But we do have Pouty. It always puts a smile on my face when I'm bored as hell, riding around SW ans I see a Pouty Brand Gem ad in Trade. Everyone loves a crazy gnome with pink hair.

Fulguralis said...

On Lothar its Bately. For a non-RP server, its hard to tell if he's playing in character or just being himself. Running Clustergrasp with him is some good times though, you almost feel epic. :-)

Just don't expect to find good things in trade chat... ever.

Darraxus said...

Alliance side on my server, there is Hraf and Cawky.

Hraf is a level 70 plus Druid who levels very slowly due to the fact that he spends most of his time chatting. The only time I have seen him out of trade was whne people rushed to Borean to level. He made that his new trade chat for a while.

Cawky is a level 80 warrior.

Klepsacovic said...

My realm has someone like that. He's using a different name now, my guess is that the first one is on a banned account. He seems to spend all his time having stupid arguments in trade chat and for no clear reason has a cult following. They seem to think he's smart.

If your realm clown is as annoying as mine, I am happy for you that he is gone.

Larísa said...

It really seems like my theory is right, that there's one Cacknoob at every server...

@Kiryn: yeah, it feels a bit strange. One day he fills Trade, the next he's gone and you have no idea where he went.

@Ixobelle: hat a fun website you linked to! I had no idea there were people committed to write the history of their realm. Cool.

@Carra: yep, it seems so. And I agree. Even though he could be quite annoying it sort of gives life and character to the realm.
And if you suffer from it you can always turn it off for a while.
I guess the other guys there will do their best to bring the tradition on... We'll see.

@Kyrilean: oh, those ignore lists... I don't have a single one of them. Not even Cacknoob. Is there something wrong with me?

@Drazmor: Pink hair, yay! He's got my vote!

@Fulguralis: yeah, sometimes you wonder. Does this guy really have those weired opinions or is he just a troll, trying to provoke? The truth is probably somewhere in between.

@Darraxus: oh, two more members of the Realm Clown Club. A pleasure to meet them... Or maybe not... :)

@Klepsacovic: yes it's quite amazing that there seems to be a little fanclub. I'm not a part of that one ofc (I've never ever spoke up in General at any point, except when I've tried to get a group for a q in a far distant zone or such). Still I can tolerate Cacknoob and his mates. I've got kind of used to them. It's like... the noise from cars passing by.

kyrilean said...

@ Larisa - naw there's nothing wrong with you. I avoided putting him on ignore for the longest time until I was finally using trade chat for it's intended purpose and he kept egging people on. I didn't want to see it after that.

Kromus said...

tbh ill miss him too :)
he was a good laugh, but you put it perfectly; "a few pearls came from his stream of rubbish".

Problem was, people couldn't wade through the crap and get to the pearls, so saw him so negativly- when really all he was doing is questioning people and sparking discussion and debate which makes things a little intresting- nobody wants a one-track strategy, nobody likes a one way system, driving or not.

great post as per usual :).
Ill miss him too.

Although, he did have a nasty habit of spamming "Anal Bleaching" which made me laugh but i felt sorry for the younger audience :P.

Carra said...

A lot of people seem to forget that they can just close the channel. Reading "WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP IN THE GENERAL CHANNEL" during raids is not uncommon. While of course, you should just leave the general channel if it bothers you.

Cacknoob said...

Well hello guys!!!

I was sent a link to this blog and was mighty shocked!! I'm flattered!! Yes Larisa i can remember Pug'in with you...even an odd chat or 2!! I never really joined the game to chat in /2...but i always thought the social side of things (outside of guilds) was some ways. I admit my "style" was mostly sarcastic, but i hope it was all taken with a pinch of salt...nothing malicious behind it. Thanks for posting such a nice never know...i might return, i hear the kiddies are acting up in /2....

Larísa said...

@Cacknoob: the man, the legend, yay!

I had never EVER figured you'd find your way to my little corner of Azeroth. Grab a beer. You probably have got a lot of time in your hands after stopping playing, so make your self comfortable, and by all means, feel free to read some of my old posts. There's a lot of crap, but there may be some hidden pearls, just like in your monologues!

I feel as honored as you. I hope you enjoy RL. And who knows, maybe our lifelines will cross again some day if you'll fall into the WoW trap again... :)

Pouty said...

I was suprised to find my name mentioned on this site. I thought it was pretty cute. I myself am a pink pigtailed gnome that was on the cairne server as mentioned by someone above. I pride myself on my ability to make people smile, and debate, talk, and argue for hours in trade just because of my commical trade advertising for my gems. I myself retired for a while, after getting to know and be known by pretty much the entire server. For anyone that might read this and wonder where I am. Pouty Brand Gems™ - is now on Winterhoof and horde side. Sadly I am currently using the name Powty instead because I ended up playing a different char! Hope to see some of you all there!