Monday, January 12, 2009

The extra boss in the DK wing

The tanks in our guild has established the nice habit to write posts in our guild forum after every raid, evaluating the encounters from a tank’s point of view, discussing lessons learned and things to think about for the next raid.

Normally this is pretty serious business, however there was a few lines in a recent posting about our first 25 man raid in Naxx which made me giggle:

We moved onto to the secret final boss of the DK wing - the 4 horsemen chest. Simple tactic, just hard to execute. Basically, everyone has to loot their badges and gtfo before the raid leader enrages. I think we finished just within the enrage timer.

How true isn’t this? Normally we don’t use many curses in the Pink Pigtail Inn (this is a non-combat zone, mind you), but honestly, I don’t get the idea about those bloody chests. Everyone opening them to loot badges at Chess in Karazhan was time consuming and annoying as it was. And that’s nothing compared to doing the same thing in a 25 man raid.

As we were looting it you could hear the frustration and annoyance grow on TS. And this was only our FIRST time opening that chest. I can imagine how we’ll feel about it once we get to the stadium that we try to make Naxx into a one-night-clear-event.

“I’m sure they’re going to fix this in an upcoming patch”, someone said, hopefully.

Well, you can always hope. But the patch notes for 3.08 doesn’t say anything about it, as far as I’ve read them.


Gevlon said...

Yes, the chest is always a nice place. However the RL could have previously announce a 10 min break after 4H, to go bio, check pizza or loot badge

Esdras said...

Have never been so cant comment but i would think its not too late for them to fix it in the patch if they have missed it.

kyrilean said...

4 years, Blizzard! 4 frickin' years!!!

- signed the Loot Master

Herc said...

Yes people always get riled up when looting chest in 4h and Malygos.

I've been doing pretty good on timing my clicking so far that I'm one of the first ones to get my emblems.

Darraxus said...

I just wait for everyone else then grab my emblems. Unless I am feeling competetive, then i click away.

Dorgol said...

Bliz has stated that they are looking into alternatives.

isheepthings said...

hahah thats epic.

I have no idea why they still use the "only one person can loot" on Raid chests...the code definitely needs a tweak.

Larísa said...

@Gevlon: actually we don't usually take that long breaks during a raid. And besides it won't be a break for the last ones to loot their badges. Seriously, this is a very annoying waste of time.

@Esdras: It's a mechanism that has been around for long. In 10 man raids as Chess in Karazhan it's annoying. In a 25 man encounter it's a nuicance.

@Kyerilean: yep. They've put all their developers to work on the clam issue instead. Priorities, anyone?

@Herc: I really don't want to "compete" with my raid mates clicking around. Perhaps I should suggest everyone line up in a neat queue instead?

@Darraxus: but it's so SLOW. And if you wait to last you'll feel bad about coming last to the next wing, even though you really couldn't help it.

@Dorgol: sounds good! Since they've done all sorts of things to clam opening now they minght come around to actually do something.

@I Sheep Things: yeah they're pretty funny our tanks. I like to read their tanking analyzes, even though they're sometimes really just tank stuff. I imagine I can pick up a little from it as well. Or have a laugh as I did about this one.

Theawàkenin said...

I thought I'd let you know that I added you to my epic blogroll consisting on (currently) four blogs.

Yes, it's normal.
Just let the warm fuzzies overcome,
it's a good thing.

xD Only kidding.
I definately agree the chest is a boss encounter itself. Badges should be looted out like money is, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

We form a neat little line in front of the chest and take our tun looting. It kinda helps kill the frustration from spam clicking :D

Anonymous said...

no one ever thinks to form a queque.. that would make more sence, people waiting their turn, and then they move away from the chest..