Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bloggers I’d like to see at Twisted Nether Blogcast

The other day I listened to the 30th episode of the Twisted Nether Blogcast, still going strong and increasing show by show in popularity as well as in size. The last one was well over two hours, which is pretty impressive.

In the end of the programme our hosts Breana and Fimleys did what they always do: asked for feedback, letters and some spread-the-word promotion on the blogs. So I thought I’d do all of it at once, by making up this post, which in fact is a letter to the show, only that it’s published publicly.

After 30 shows there have been quite a few bloggers who have either been presented by an in depth interview, “Twisted blog of the week”, or have participated in a round table panel. It should be more than 30 bloggers by now, probably rather around 40. But there still are some faces (or should I rather say voices?) who I miss. And since it seemed as if there wasn’t any particular guest planned for the next few shows to come, I thought I should grab the chance and make a wish list, in the hope that at least a couple of my suggestions will catch your interest.

So here are some bloggers that I’m curious about and would like to listen to as guests in your show. The order is pretty much random, except for the first one, which is a fantasy of mine more than a serious suggestion.

  1. Ghostcrawler. Yeah, I know, this is cheating. He isn’t a blogger, as far as I know of. But he should be! He’s got brains, talent for writing, skills of communication and interesting perspectives and points of views. Wouldn’t it be the most interesting interview ever? I know it isn’t likely he’d accept a request, but how do you know unless you ask him?
  2. Jame, the guybehind the superb free levelling guides. He nowadays has a blog of his own. I’d really like to hear more about the process of making such guides.
  3. Tim Howgego, who made up the map of the Warcraft Online Community, which intrigued me when I first saw it and still comes out as one of the most interesting blog posts I ever saw in 2008. He’s also the creator of El’s Extreme Anglin’, the ultimate guide to fishing in WoW. Perhaps he could once for all change my attitude towards fishing so it became fun.
  4. Tobold. That guy really knows how to blog. If he’s half as intelligent and interesting in real life as his blog suggests, this interview will definitely be a hit.
  5. Rohan. Same reason as for Tobold. To keep producing interesting posts at an even pace year after year is quite an achievement. He’s highly respected among bloggers and I think we’re many that would like to hear the voice of one of our idols.
  6. Lume the Mad. The perspective in TN is often pretty casual. I’d like to hear what’s in the mind of a hardcore raider. Now Lume hasn’t posted much recently, so I don’t know if he’s still active. Probably he is, just having to much to deal with in the game to have time to blog about it? Anyway if you could squeeze in an interview in his raiding schedule it would be great.
  7. Cynra. She hasn’t posted much lately either, but she’s a brilliant writer with a great sense of humour. I think her perspectives on role playing would be a great inspiration to many of us to try it out.
  8. Gnomeaggedon. I know I’m a bit biased – he’s a gnome and he’s a mage, so I’ve got a weak spot for him. But I’m seriously convinced he’d be a great guest. He’s got a lovely sense of humour and in spite of his quite limited time available for playing, he manages to gather a lot of useful information as well as interesting perspectives on the game. I also think it’s about time that you break the total dominance of guests from US/Canada. The WoW Community is spread over many continents, don’t forget that. It’s about time you let an aussi shine.
  9. Gevlon. You don’t have to agree with his ideas (I often don’t), but admit that he’s pretty interesting. Is he as selfish in real life as in his posts? I bet some pretty interesting discussions could come up.

So there’s my list. It’s all yours. Be inspired or just trash it, whatever. Anyway: you’ve got your letter, your feedback and your blogpost about your show. Mission completed.




Carra said...

Been a great fan of James levelling guides for a while now. In fact, used them to level my DK 65 - 75 and will use them again to level my alts to 80. I even waited with levelling my alt untill the guide would be finished.

I'll check out his blog, thanks for mentioning he has one.

Anonymous said...

Great idea and generally great choices... needless to say the one I am not certain about is... well... me.

I think that your TNB intro's are too much of a tease.. time to hear it all straight from the Gnome with pink pigtails!

Captain The First said...

Good choices indeed although tobold's writing never really managed to spark my interest all that much.

Gevlon is definitely well on his way to making my blogroll since he always manages to inspire me in one way or the other.

Timothy said...

I cant believe you forgot ixobelle.. Best Blog out there

Larísa said...

@Carra: yeah, he's really doing a great job, and all for free. I can imagine it must take an insane amount of time to figure it all out.

@Gnome: don't be shy. :)

@Captain The First: Tobold is one of those who will grow by time. At first I was deceived by the rather boring looks... But content is king.

@Timothy: I agree completely! I'm new to his blog, but I've really fallen in love with it. It doesn't only contain game philosophy and such, but also some fun suggestions for raid encounters that he makes up by himslelf. It would be great to hear him as a guest in TN and get some japanese perspective on WoW... How big is WoW in Japan? I have no idea... So yes: please add Ixobelle to my wish list

Anonymous said...

Woot! Thanks Larisa for the great post and the awesome list of potential guests :D

Just to clarify, we have had several international guests, Siha from Banana Shoulders (Aussi), Sar from Destructive Reach (the new episode and Aussi) and Leafy from Leafshine (English).

We want to bring more international bloggers to the show, the main stumbling block is coordinating our schedules.

We are trying! I swear! :D

Thanks again! Great works as usual!


Larísa said...

@Breana: Yeah, I was aware about Siha and Leafy, but that's just 2 out of 30... Anyway I'm glad your working on it!

And I'm looking forward to listen to Sar, I can imagine she'll be a great guest! (Actually I was thinking about putting her on my wish list, but found that I had to limit myself a bit, or I'd end up bringing my entire blogroll.)

Fish said...

I LOOOOOVE the Wow-pro guides and have used them where possible (I avoided STV pre WotLK because being ganked repeatedly really hurts XP/hr).

Hulan said...

That's a great list. I'd also like to see you and Aurik from /hug on it :)

Larísa said...

@Hulan: Aurik at /hug, of course! I got the idea that he had been in the show already, but he hasn't or rather, he's only been singing. I'd really like him as a real guest.

Anonymous said...

Too many Aussies so far ;-)

How about someone from a colder climate... how about... you?

Matticus said...

Lume is still around. But he's just been incredibly busy. I'll be sure to let him know that he's wanted ^^.

Typhoonandrew said...

@Gnomeaggedon: Too many Aussies? Never, no such thing. In a community that is populated primarily by North America, us upside-down folks keep you honest.

Anyway consider Wulfsblood and Skeleton Jack if you have not already.