Thursday, October 23, 2008

A little bit of excitement for alchemists

I’ve always felt like a looser picking alchemy for a profession. Selling drugs at AH has never made me rich – and not only because I’m such a heavy consumer and drinks it all by myself – but also because the herb ingredients many times sell at higher price than the prepared elixir.

People specializing in transmutes seem to earn a little more on their profession, but on the other hand, if you like me are into raiding you consume a lot, so that doesn’t seem the right way to go.

Alchemy turned slightly better with the introduction of Mad alchemist potions and the wonderful trinket, the potions giving back both mana and health at the same cooldown, but at a much lower cost of herbs than the non alchemist equivalence super rejuvenication potion, and the trinket carrying a great damage boost as well as adding effect to the mad alchemist potions.

Those additions made me hang on to the profession a little bit longer. Now in the 3.02 patch there are two new small surprises for al of us who are in the drug business.

The first one, not-to-be-missed, is that all of you alchemists should go right away to your alchmeist trainer and learn mixology, to get additional effects to any elixir or flask you can make yourself. According to WoWinsider, the effect is estimated to about 25 percent while comments on Wowhead are talking about up to 50 percent effect. It makes the flasks last longer and give better effect.

The second one is that you can try out some WotLK elixirs today! I found it out myself the other day when I drank a Mad Alchemist Potion. Suddenly I noticed that I was buffed with Elixir of Spellpower, adding 58 spelldamage for one hour. Not that it make such a big difference now that we’re so overpowered anyway, but you know… any little change makes you smile a bit.

With this new fancy inscription profession coming up it’s easy to think that old ones like alchemy are out of fashion and boring. But the little excitement they gave us with this patch will definitely make me hang on to alchemy a bit longer until I know more about what else will come in the expansion.

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Esdras said...

I changed my professions so many times on my priest at the cost of 1000's of gold that i wish i kept what i had as i went from 375 tailor/enchantin to herb/alch, mining,eng, mining,jc now back to tailor/enchanting and may i say NEVER to change again.

My mage gnome is herb/alch but like you all he does with his professions is feed my priest pots/flasks/elixers for raiding with hahaha.